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Home Safety Chap Oscar's Goal

Think Safety First
Think Safety First
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Like most of us we feel our homes are safe havens but let's talk about this for a moment. I really could not believe that over 91,000 deaths occur each year from what the authorities call unintentional injuries. 18,000 each year in the home and most are due to invisible threats we can't see, smell or feel until an accident happens. So if you would please share this with family and friends and check my other warnings about carbon monoxide. The encouragement is to always be proactive so let's talk about gas leaks from stoves and heaters which can cause asphyxiation which is the inability to breathe which leads to suffocation. Dangerous explosions can happen as well. If you smell a strong gas odor don't waste time get out the house and call the fire department. If you know how to shut off the gas from the source try to do this before calling help. Avoid turning on lights this could spark an explosion. Chap Oscar now what is all this talk about radon? Radon is an odorless radioactive gas that comes from rocks, well water and building materials under your home. Over 30,000 lung cancer deaths happen each year due to household radon exposure in fact the experts have told me that it is second to smoking. There is a Radon Detection Kit that can measure harmful levels. Now as simple as this may sound it is absolutely amazing how few people change their air filters on a regular basis. Americans spend over $1 billion dollars each year on antibacterial products trying to kill household germs and in many cases thee products give us a false sense of security as they may treat just the bacteria but have no impact at all on the actual virus that may or may not be responsible for the many illnesses that can happen in our homes. We love our home here in Nashville, TN and it truly fulfills many of our needs we enjoy our precious times of comfort and peace of mind but even with a cautious wife and a guy like Chap Oscar in the home we just can't afford to take chances when it come to Home Safety.........Why Should You?

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