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Home Run Inn frozen pizza deal: Go to Jewel to get Home Run Inn for under $5

Is your fridge empty, Chicago? Delicious Home Run Inn pizzas are on sale at Jewel this week until Saturday. Pizzas only cost $4.77 (limit 6).

Home Run Inn pizza is some of the best pizza I have had in Chicago. In fact, Home Run Inn frozen pizza is just as good as restaurant ready. Home Run Inn locations are throughout Chicagoland (7restaurants in total), and its frozen pizza is available in over 20 states.

Home Run Inn ultra thin sausage pizza is loaded with taste: its sausage smells great, the cheese has a fantastic aftertaste, and the crust is crispy and delicious. Home Run Inn is my favorite thin crust pizza in Chicago. Another bonus? The calorie content--an entire ultra thin crust pizza is only 1200 calories. Eating half will fill you plenty.

Are you a fan of Home Run Inn pizza?  Will you be going to Jewel to stock up?


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