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Home remedies: Guide to cure your allergies

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamin C and essential minerals.
Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamin C and essential minerals.
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Allergies are a common problem, especially in America with a large percentage of the population suffering from chemical or seasonal allergies.

Allergies are basically an inappropriate immune response to substances like dust or wheat, cat hair, chemicals, seasonal conditions such as pollen, mold and dust.

In order to control or even cure your allergies you need to develop a strong immune system. This can be a challenge if you have a disease which impairs your immune function.

People with allergies produce a large abundance of complex proteins which are called antibodies. These antibodies trigger special cells which are called mast cells.

These mast cells release inflammation causing chemicals which are called histamines and leukotrienes all through the body. The histamine reaction happens when your body tries to neutralize these chemicals through a severe allergic response.

Diet change and cleansing are essential for people with allergies. Taking certain supplements and precautions can help to control allergic reactions. People with allergies tend to do better on a plant based diet. This is because animal fats and proteins which can trigger an inflammatory leukotrienes response which is linked to allergies.

Juicing fresh vegetable juices daily is essential. Eating foods that are non mucous forming can be especially helpful. These are foods such as fresh fruits and veggies, cultured foods such as yogurts, foods that are high in vitamin C such as citrus fruits and berries, seafood's, onions, garlic.

It is also essential to get your Omega 3 fatty acids. These are found in fish, flax, salmon and cod liver oils. Spinach, sea vegetables and arugula are also very good immune boosting foods.

Avoid too much alcohol. The yeast in beer has been known to irritate allergies.

Stay away from processed foods such as white bread, sugar laded foods, packaged foods, foods high in salt, fast foods, fried foods, caffeine, and greasy foods. Also stay away from preserved foods like canned foods. Remember to stick with whole foods preferably organic.

Allergy Remedies

Be sure to have a healthy breakfast every morning with some of the healthy foods listed above. For more information on healthy foods be sure to get the book Super Foods.


You can gradually work these supplements into your life or start out by taking all or some of them depending on your budget. The most important are the whole food multi,

Vitamin C and Quercitin.

Take a whole food multivitamin and mineral supplement each and every day.

Take extra supplements of the super immune boosting vitamins such as Vitamin C. It is recommend that people with allergies take 1500 mg of Vitamin C each day.

Take a B-complex with extra supplement of pantothenic acid 500 mg 1000 mg 3x daily of pantothenic acid

Quercitin- Helps to neutralize histamine 2000 mg daily

Grapeseed extract- Immune booster 100 mg 2 x a day

Start with a 30 day colon and parasite cleansing program. Depending on how congested you are there may be a need to cleanse for even longer. Be sure to drink lots of water during your cleanse and continue with this healthy habit.

Each morning drink 1 cup green tea with breakfast for the immune boosting powers it provides.

Be sure to take a 2 week break in between cleanses.

After completely the colon cleanse to clear out your colon you will need to do a series of liver cleanses over time. If you have gallstones or liver stones be sure to consult with your doctor before doing a liver cleansing program.

Some doctors recommend cleansing slowly while others have a more aggressive approach. Be sure to see a Naturopathic doctor as they work to treat the cause rather than the symptoms and use natural forms of healing. A slow way to cleanse the liver over time is by drinking Dandelion nettles tea in the evening or morning.

After liver cleansing you will need to do a Candida yeast cleanse. Studies show that people with allergies always have an over growth of yeast in their bodies.

Exercise to increase your oxygen up take.

Acupressure points for allergies

Press underneath your cheekbones beside your nose angling pressure upwards

When you have an attack press the tip of your nose hard

Herbal allergy remedies

Burdock-Essential herb used to clear congestion in the respiratory system. It also been seen to be effective for the treatment of sore throats and colds.

Marshmallow Root-Used to relieve irritation in the mucous membranes. Also helps toMullein-Great for asthma, cough, and other respiratory conditions. Clears congestion and soothes throat.

Goldenseal Root-Great herb which contains berberine known to be an anti fungal and antibacterial substance. Works well by soothing inflamed mucous membranes.

Stinging Nettle-Very good for relief from hay fever and effective part of allergy relief program.

Acerola cherry- Very rich source of vitamin C and works as a natural antihistamine.

Before taking herbs be sure to check for any known interactions with any medications or speak to your doctor. Herbs are generally very safe and can be added to complement an allergy relief therapy.


  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    Great suggestions for home remedies to cure allergies.

  • Heather 5 years ago

    I take a vitamin c (2000-3000mg) & a B complex every day. This knocks my hay fever OUT!

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