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Home organizing: Preparing oneself mentally to organize

Preparing oneself to organize is by no means a traditional step but by all means a needed step. In general, people tend to become overwhelmed by the mere thought of organizing. However, remembering the following may lessen the discouragement on may feel throughout the process:

Organization in the home is a luxury; not a necessity.

Something said to be luxurious often brings about a sense of relaxation and ease. Although organization brings about these same feelings, individuals tend to focus on the need rather than the benefits they will have at the end of the process. Forget the "need to" and remain focused on the "luxury" organization will bring and this will ensure motivation and lessen discouragement throughout the process.

Go ahead and modify a method where needed; its okay.

Individual needs, abilities and situations are unique, yet people stress when methods suggest certain things they cannot follow. There is no need to fret, though. Methods are simply guidelines that can be modified where needed to better suit where, when , why, and how items are organized. For example, if individuals are uncertain about sizes of storage containers they need and will use again in the end, they can substitute recommended containers with "temporary holders" during the process.

Mental clutter can be just as discouraging as physical clutter.

Before beginning to organize, write down every idea, plan, though and task wandering in the mind - even if uncertain they will work or be considered during the organizing process. Doing so clears the mind and in turn improves focus. Furthermore, by purging the mental clutter, individuals may find themselves more open to better ideas as organizing reveals dilemmas and/or other possibilities that could be more suiting.

Not everything will go as planned but creativity conquers the issues.

No matter who an individual is or how long an individual has been organizing, plans are bound not to work out. This is common and by no means a reflection of one's ability to organize. All this means is that learning to embrace imperfection is needed. Organizing issues come but creativity and learning to embrace imperfections can remedy the stress.

Learn to embrace imperfections.

Experiencing and Oops-that-will-not-work moment is very common in organizing and a feeling of "imperfection" is born. Learning to embrace imperfections simply means having at least one other, liked plan in case "Plan A" does not work. For example, if individuals learn they cannot place all their coffee cups in one cabinet, perhaps "Plan B" includes displaying gift or most sentimental cups in a china cabinet or on a board with pegs.

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