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Home needed in South Los Angeles area for formerly abused escape artist dog

Franco, experienced escape artist
Facebook: Cloud Nyne

This little guy is Franco. At about 7 months old, Franco is shelter bound unless a rescue or adopter can be found.

Franco is staying with Claudia Perez, better known as Cloud Nyne in the Los Angeles community. Claudia is keeping Franco after her neighbor gave up on the dog.

The neighbor saved little Franco from a life of abuse, where his owner beat him every day and failed to feed the little guy.

Lately Franco has been practicing his escape artist skills, causing the neighbor to give up on caring for him. The neighbor said Franco escapes from her yard, and sometimes doesn't return until the next day. She worries he may escape one day and never return.

Instead of allowing Franco to be taken to a shelter, Claudia has taken him in for now. She can't keep him for long, because Claudia is so well known that people literally tie their unwanted dogs to her deck.

If you can save Franco, either by rescue or adoption, please contact Claudia using the info below. Franco has already been neutered.

Cloud Nyne

Claudia can also be reached via Facebook. You can follow Franco on this Facebook thread.

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