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Home medical testing do it yourself kit for illegal drugs

If you suspect your child, teen or loved one is using illegal drugs and want to find out if it is true, there are home testing kits that allow you the privacy of self testing at home.

Some signs and symptoms of drug abuse are:

Red or glassy eyes, slurred speech, depression, weight-loss, verbal abuse, physical abuse, disrespectful to elders, sores on skin, stealing, and lying among others.

The above signs and symptoms of drug abuse are not all of the symptoms that can accompany a person addicted to drugs. See your health care provider for a more detailed explanation of drug abuse and addiction.

If your test is positive you may need to seek medical and or professional counseling help for the drug abuser, and even the family members to help learn how to handle the problem correctly.

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Source Book:
25 Medical Test Your Doctor Should Tell You About…And 15 You Can Do Yourself by Deborah Mitchell

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