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Home Inventory Software - free and secure online storage


 Keep home inventory just in case of disaster. Photo Credit: ZF Photo

Get new stuff for the holidays? Lots of expensive items like televisions, computers, jewelry and game consoles? Every year tell yourself "I'm going to start that home inventory as my New Year's Resolution"? Well, this is the chance to follow through easily and for free! Know Your Stuff Home Inventory is a really easy system to use to create, or even update, the very essential home inventory everyone needs to start!

Taking a home inventory is useful in case a disaster strikes in the home - whether it be a fire, flood or burglary. The first thing a homeowner will have to do is file a claim and the last thing a homeowner will want to do after such a traumatic experience is have to try and remember everything owned, track down serial numbers for items and try to remember where photos and video might be of the items missing or damaged.

Instead, visit here and create and update that home inventory quickly and easily FOR FREE! The Insurance Information Institute created Know Your Stuff Home Inventory to make life easier for homeowners. There is a guided tour here and those who want to can watch a video explaining the benefits of creating a home inventory.

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