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Home design and staging The Beautiful Life


    The Beautiful Life

Tonight Ashton Kutcher rocked out The Beautiful Life: TBL on The CW. 

Staging a television set is about as different from staging a  house to sell as you can get. Or is it?

There’s a lot home stagers can learn from the staging done for television shows.

Art directors and set dressers create a world for the television viewer. That world allows the viewer to check out of reality for an hour. That hour is filled with what we perceive to be “the real thing”. Is it the real thing? Well no, of course not but it’s not a bit different from staging a home.

Stagers are not producing “the real thing”. Stagers are producing what a buyer wants to perceive as the “real thing”. A buyer is allowed to “check out” of reality when they enter a staged home. A staged home is the best image, the best “face” a house can have. Just like a television show.

Staging the modeling agency on The Beautiful Life, while not quite reality, imparts a look, a design that we can immediately identify with.

The space is open, filled with light, modern furniture, cool art and manic activity. Is it really like that? Well a little bit. The Kim Dawson Modeling agency in Dallas has a quiet, business like atmosphere. Not crazed like the TV show, but definitely stylish, modern furniture and cool art and of course it’s filled with gorgeous people coming in and out the door minute by minute.

What about the photography studio  staging? That is fairly true to life. The art director has staged the set to be believable in a way the viewer can understand.  The exposed brick walls of the loft setting, the light streaming through the windows, racks of clothes, all spot on. The giant photo of a model? Not so much.


Mischa Barton’s apartment? Most models don’t have floor to ceiling vanity photos either. When they get to that stage of fame, you bet they live beautifully, so that staging is accurate. The model “dorm” is a bit far fetched however.  Yes many models really live together when they are starting out, like a perfect hive of bees but not in a hedonistic dorm. In reality, model apartments are a mess. Often four girls share a room and there is no fabulous bedding or art.

 Again, staging enhances reality, just like selling a home.



  • Katie 5 years ago

    I want to stage a star.

  • Donella Kast 5 years ago

    GREAT article - very insightful.

  • renee 5 years ago

    love the current up to date information! Just toured the Warner Brothers lot in LA and saw the sound stage for the new show, The Mentalist. The details were incredible. You really felt like you were in a working office. Karen could rock that job as well!!