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Home Depot projects for kids

Wagon project
Wagon project
Sheila Palotnick

Want to spend some real quality time on a special project with your kids? How about a building project at your local Home Depot store? Your children will learn how to; follow directions, use a hammer, hand-eye coordination and safety skills. Doing these projects also promotes self confidence, and a sense of pride in their work, and spending the quality time with you creates great memories they will remember forever. All of this is absolutely free!

Kids Clinic
Home Depot offers “Kids Clinics” to find one close to you go to and click on store finder at the top of the page. Call ahead and find out when your store offers their clinic, some offer it on both the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, but most just offer it on the 1st . They seem to last from 9am till noon at most Home Depots, but be sure to ask when you call. 

How it works
The first time you go they will give you a Home Depot apron, with your child's name on it that is yours to keep. Each project comes with instructions, but normally there is a Home Depot employee there to help you and your child along. Usually they have a table set up so the kids have a work space, and they provide glue and little hammers for you to use, once in a while they have paint and paint brushes as well to finish your project. When you child completes their project, they get a pin with a picture of their project on it, to put on their apron. Your child will love showing off his or her collection of pins. The project changes every month so make sure to go every time.

Some examples of projects

  • desk calendar
  • memo board
  • book ends
  • wagon
  • bean bag toss game
  • bird house
  • tool box


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