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Home Depot breach: Hacked credit cards already on black market?

A Home Depot breach investigation is one of the big news stories reported on the networks Wednesday morning. The headlines express that Home Depot credit card customers are the possible victims of hackers. This story is nothing new, just that it is now possibly happening to the folks who shopped at Home Depot and the company is informing the public of this possible breach, according to CBS News on Sept. 3.

Home Depot breach: Possible breach puts credit card users at the store in jeopardy.
Wikimedia Commons

Home Depot is working with two banks and the authorities after finding “unusual activity” which is pointing to a breach of credit card information of Home Depot shoppers. Customers will be “informed immediately” if a breach is confirmed conveys Paula Drake the spokesperson for Home Depot.

ABC News reports that due to this news, shares of Home Depot have taken a slight tumble. The shares lost $1.88 since the news was released, which is a 2 percent decline. At the close of the stock market yesterday the shares were at $91.15. The possible hack is believed to have happened in late April or early May.

If the Home Depot breach is confirmed they will join Target, Supervalu, P.F. Changs and even Goodwill who have all been victims of credit card hacking in the recent past. Shoppers are not as confident as they once were using their credit or debit cards for purchases.

The possible breach at Home Depot came to light when Krebs Security, a website that focuses on cyber security, reported that “multiple banks are reporting evidence that Home Depot stores may be the source of a massive new breach of stolen credit and debit cards.” These cards went on sale Tuesday on the black market. It is believed that these stolen card numbers could have come from the folk's shopping at Home Depot.

The preliminary analysis by Krebs suggests that all of Home Depots 2,200 U.S. stores are affected. If this is the case, this breach could be larger than Targets, which had 40 million credit and debit card numbers stolen over a three-week period of time last year.

It looks as though the same Russian and Ukrainian hackers that hacked Target’s credit card numbers may be the responsible parties for the possible Home Depot breach. Krebs Security also broke the news of the Target breach last year.

All customers can do at this point is to wait to hear from the Home Depot. They will contact their customers if this breach is confirmed. It can’t hurt to go over your latest credit card bill if you used a credit card anytime from April-on this year at Home Depot. The credit card numbers in question hit the black market Tuesday.

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