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Home Decoration: Traditional vs Modern Interior Design

Difference between Traditional and Modern Interior Design
Difference between Traditional and Modern Interior Design

Traditional and modern interior design are very different from one another in the sense that they incorporate and use vastly opposite elements, materials and accessories. A blend of the two can also be created but today our focus will be to see what differentiates these two interior décor styles.

Interior designing is an art, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some can merge, create and recreate ideas into actual designs, others often seek out professional help. In both the scenarios, there are a multitude of interior décor options to choose from, two very popular among them being traditional and modern interior designs.

Difference between Traditional and Modern Interior Design:

Both these interior design options stand in stark contrast from one another. Let’s take a look at what differentiates one home décor style from the other.


The elements that the traditional décor incorporates comprise of natural, earthy and subtle colours and materials. This style is very reminiscent of the old school culture, past history and a great sense of nostalgia. Yes, the emotion here is as important as the physical items. This style is all about keeping the past alive, well into the future.

Opposite to this style is the modern décor which incorporates designs based on the use of latest technological developments. The design elements are very bold and organized. This style in fact reflects upon a future that is constantly being defined by change and newness. Also, the various elements include in styling up a home décor are very geometrically and symmetrically designed.


When it comes to accessorizing, both these home décor styles couldn’t be more different. In traditional style, the décor items such as furnishings, show pieces, wall paintings, villa windows, etc. are extremely decorative. The colours and textures used are bright, overstated and embellished. So much so that the furniture too is constructed with carvings and shapely edges.

The modern styles, on the other hand, use décor items that are drawn out to considerable lengths, have geometric or straight lines, and are exclusively known for their above-the-ground shapes and designs. The items or fabrics used to incorporate a limited amount of colour and texture detailing – the style is not overly decorative as the traditional style.


The materials used in traditional décor also vary from those used in modern décor. Stones, wood, bricks and plaster are extensively used to create décor items such as door arches, window frames, and so on. It is important to note here that the doors and villa windows find symmetrical placement in traditional interior designing and are mostly of the same size and shape.

In latest tips for modern interior designing, technologically treated materials such as metal, steel, and plastic are used extensively to develop unique shapes and sizes. Homeowners seeking professional help can ask for tips on materials such energy efficient glasses that are widely used in windows and doors. These not only allow the infusion of more natural air and light into modern homes, but also make the entire property look spacious. Furthermore, owing to advancements in the field of technology, more and more innovations are being brought about in the designing of windows of different sizes and shapes to meet varying needs of homeowners.

Both these interior décor styles have their own charm and appeal. If anyone is wishing to incorporate a blend of these two, then a transitional style will work best. Otherwise, the best way to pick among these styles is to figure out what will work best to highlight your personality and taste through your heavenly abode.

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