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Home decorating that flows throughout the abode

the home's decor should flow from room to room
the home's decor should flow from room to room

Decorating a room does not stop within the confines of that room. A room sits within the home so each room's decor should reflect the entire abode. In order to promote tranquility the decor should flow from room to room.

choose decor to flow from room to room
Carol Ruth Weber, SFGate

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Paint colors can vary from room to room but should not clash.

When painting the rooms in the abode it is important to remember that when one steps out of a room they are stepping into another. Stay in the same palette of soft colors or bold colors and do not mix them.

If you like color choose bright paint colors that contrast each other but will also complement each other as well.

  • Jewel tones in red, blue and purple will balance each other.
  • Colors of nature in brown, gold, rust and green will provide a little softness in their boldness as well as a dashing look when traveling from room to room.
  • Like color but maybe not on every wall, then paint the walls in each room the same soft creamy color with one accent wall of a room in a color making sure to follow the complimenting rule.

Begin choosing decor for the abode by starting with one room and working your way out.

The living room is a good choice to begin with as this is usually the first stop in entertaining guests. The decor should have colors that will blend nicely from room to room.

  • If you have purples in the living room then make sure that the red dining room has an accent trim in purple. Bring the red and purple into the kitchen seating upholstery using the lovely colors.
  • The entry or hallway can be wallpapered with a patterned paper that ties all of the rooms together neatly.
  • Add accessories to each room that borrow colors from the other rooms. Patterned area rugs are wonderful centerpieces of colorful decor.

Decor should flow into the bedroom decor as well.

Even if you want a softer tone for sleeping than a bright red in the living room you can use the color red for accents to tie the room into the rest of the home.

  • Add a little red trim to a lampshade or use red for throw pillows on the bed.

A decor that flows correctly will promote relaxation and enjoyment in the living space. Have a great time choosing and matching colors and furnishings. Live happily in the flow of the home and never be afraid to dance!

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