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Home Decor for Each Sun Sign

Whether you are a crafty person or not, whether you like decorating your home yourself or not, what colors you choose and what kind of furniture, all these things are written in the stars. Your Sun sign can tell you a lot about what kind of person you are when it comes to home décor.

Aries people are always in for a challenge, but that doesn’t make things any easier for them. They tend to attract all sorts of troubles. You take charge of most projects that you can handle on your own, and when it gets tough, you call a designer and hire a contractor on whom you can rely.

Beautiful, fine things are your absolute favorite. However, you are also strongly connected to nature, so including natural elements into your home décor is a good idea. Go for cherry furniture, hardwood floors, and leaf prints.

Geminis don’t like a specific thing, they can’t settle for a certain style, but rather mix a bit from everything. There is, however, one thing that they need no matter what: enough shelf space for their collection of books. Therefore, investing in some good wooden shelves would be ideal.

People born under this sign consider their homes their pride and joy. There are family photos and things with sentimental value throughout the entire house. You prefer to decorate your house with antiques, gifts received from family members and friends, and handmade things – basically everything that has personal value.

If you are a Leo, chances are that you want your house to be your kingdom. When decorating your home, you use all your creative juices, creating things yourself – paintings, sculptures, flower pots, and so on. Vintage accents, either posters or murals, may be exactly what you need.

Virgos’ homes reflect their practical nature, being well-organized and clutter-free. High-quality closets and organizational systems are perfect for you. Given that this Sun sign needs a calm, peaceful corner to relax, it is recommended that you buy a comfy couch or a nice bathtub with heating system and massaging options. Wall paint should be kept soft, light in color.

Libra is a sociable sign, so make sure that you have enough room for friends and family gatherings. Shabby chic and rather feminine accents – for example, floral patterns and beautiful small pillows – are all great décor ideas for you.

Scorpios get bored easily: of their jobs, their clothes, their hobbies; and home décor is no exception. Your surroundings have to be changes frequently so that you may feel inspired and fresh at all times. Redecorate as often as possible and use rich colors and dark wood furniture when choosing things for your home.

This sign is fond of DIY projects, attacking with enthusiasm a new sketch for a chair or a funky pattern for a new curtain. This saves you a lot of money, because you rarely need to hire a designer. Make sure to use travel items – such as vases, masks, exotic throw rugs, and cups – when you decorate your home.

Practical in nature, you know how to use your resources and how to get as much as possible for every dollar that you pay. Everything you buy has to be of top-quality. This sign of the Zodiac likes order and cleanliness, so they often donate the things they no longer need.

Aquarians are fond of various things, sometimes bringing together in their homes elements from completely opposite areas. Regardless of what things you prefer, try to decorate your home in such a manner that it reflects who you are, with all your creativity and quirkiness.

Decorate your house with ocean-related colors and objects – blue hues and soft greens, seashells, and starfish – or think of beach houses and river cabins – whatever reminds you of your Water nature. Pisces people love to keep things both comfortable and comforting when it comes to décor, so you’re probably the kind of person who receives guests a lot because they simply love your place.

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