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Home cooking vs. sex after age 65?

Survey says…home cooking!

Here are some of the answers to the survey:

  • “I can get sex whenever, if ever I want it, but home cooking is a treat!”
  • “Sex is overrated after 65. Home cooking (if it’s good) is a rarity and Oh! So good!”
  • “Since I’m a widow, I miss home cooking more than I miss sex.”
  • “Sex is overrated. Good food, not so much.”
  • “I need food to sustain my life. Sex, well, it’s nice, but I can (and have) lived without it for many years.”

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things, nothing can really replace the intimacy, satisfaction and excitement of sex. But when you’re over 65-years-old, home cooking is a close second, and pretty much easier to come by if you’re widowed or single.

So what is it about food that is so sexy and intoxicating, aside from the fact that it IS one of life’s necessities for survival? Some foods genuinely affect your libido, like chocolate and alcohol. Others may remind you of happier times.

Vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free OH MY!

We all have different reasons for eating the way we do. Americans are obsessed with dieting and the diets they turn to vary as much as their reasons to diet.

For some, overeating is born of depression. Your relationship has gone sour, thus you consume gallons of ice cream. Your cat died, you’re alone, and popcorn is not only filling but easy to make through the tears.

Sometimes, people choose specific diets for health reasons. Allergies are a common cause for someone to avoid chocolate, nuts, or foods containing gluten. Diabetes is a reason to steer clear of sugar.

Some people choose foods that will help them either lose or gain weight. Some of these diets are based on counting calories. Some, like the Paleo diet (eating only foods grown naturally) are all protein and no carbs. Some diets are based on eating or not eating specific foods for health reasons or for religious reasons. Pork, no pork. Beef, no beef. Sugar, no sugar. Milk, no milk.

Many people are “social” eaters. Eating with friends and loved ones is a comfort because so many of our best memories are of eating – with family, in celebration, at holidays when there are lots of friends and family around to share the joy and bounty.

Jewish and Italian mothers have long been characterized as the ones who say “Eat! Eat!” Some of that has to do with times when food was sparse or hard to come by. More often, it’s the way mothers of many nationalities have of expressing themselves -- by cooking and feeding those who they hold most dear. Yes, for the sake of sustenance, but more so as an expression of their love.

But food instead of sex? Really? Again, for the sake of comfort, food often trumps sex when you’re older. Unless you’re married, food is more often readily available – so many restaurants, so little time.

No one’s suggesting that food is a replacement for sex in your golden years, but it is as much or more of a comfort and readily available.

Home cooking is just the cherry on top.

For years, many of us have raised kids and worked and out of necessity, turned to fast-foods and carry-outs. In our golden years, there's LOTS. OF. TIME. Filling the hours in the kitchen has become more of a joy and less of a chore than it may have been years ago.

So check out your food pantry, sum up what you have on hand, and go online to find recipes easy enough to make and wonderful enough to share with a friend. Who knows where it will lead? Many a romance has been born of more unusual commonalities than eating!

The attached video also has some great advice on sex for seniors. Enjoy!

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