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Home births on the rise among white women

On March 4 Huffington Post reports that home births among white women are on the rise. During the 20th century birthing took a turn toward birthing in hospitals and the out of hospital rate was down to one percent in 1969. By roughly 2004, there was a paradigm shift and more white women started questioning the unusually high rates of emergency C-Sections in hospitals. The rate of home birthing increased among these moms to 1.36 percent.

While the number is still relatively low, roughly 35,000 babies are born at home each year, now. One of the authors of the report claims that one of the reasons for such a high number of home births is that these moms are talking to each other and they are educating each other on the complications and potential dangers of emergency cesareans. They are influencing each other.

Alaska has the highest number of home births, likely due to the rural conditions and being unable to get to a hospital. Their home birth rate is one in 17 parents. Other rural areas are likely to have higher birth rates than those with closer availability to hospitals.

What do you think of home birthing? Would you ever try it?

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