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Home Automation - Blinds controller


Don’t have an outlet near your window? No Problem! Our Blinds Controller contains a built in solar panel that creates not only a home automation solution, but an environmentally friendly one. Enjoy natural light while knowing your blinds are powered by the sun!

How it works:

Not only can you control your blinds manually with just the push of a button, but your smartphone can control them via Bluetooth. In essence, your smartphone has turned into a remote that opens and closes your blinds. In our cellular app, you can set up your blinds to open or close at any time you desire.

1.Connect via Bluetooth: Your smartphone can connect via Bluetooth. You can name your Blinds Controller and adjust the desired angle you wish the blinds to open.

2.Programming button: Different blinds can vary in regards to how many twists it takes for them to completely open. With our one time programming button, our Blinds Controller makes it incredibly easy to remember how many twists to open your blinds to your desired angle.

3.Built-in Timer control: This feature allows you to set your blinds to open or close at a certain time of day.

4.Connector for power and manual control:This feature allows you to control your blinds manually with the push of a button, either by solar power or wall outlet.

5.Hook to open/close your blinds: This motorize hook would replace your turning rod and convert your current blinds into smart blinds.

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