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Holy Grail or holy hoax: Historians claim they found the cup of Jesus

Historians have claimed they found the Holy Grail according to ABC News Tuesday. Is this some elaborate April Fools’ hoax, or was the cup Jesus drank from actually discovered?

Is this truly the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper?
Cesar Manso/Getty Images

The Last Supper is the center of Holy Thursday and the foundation of the Catholic Mass. As the most spiritual time of year approaches, two historians believe they have discovered the goblet Jesus drank from before his crucifixion. The "Good Morning America" report is based off the book “Kings of Grail” written by Margarita Torres and Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio, which when searched on Amazon and the Barnes and Noble sites come up empty.

However, according to the New York Daily News, the book was just published last week, and its authors claim the Holy Grail has been on display in the San Isidro Basilica located in Leon, Spain. Now that the jewel-encrusted goblet, made of agate, gold and onyx, which are two chalices formed together, is believed to be the cup of Jesus, droves of faithful have gathered to the Basilica to witness history.

The museum is prepared to move the Holy Grail to a larger space to accommodate the crowds. It had, until just last week, been thought to belong to King Fernando I’s daughter, Infanta Dona Urraca. The Holy Grail was allegedly stolen by a Muslim ruler from Egypt and given to the Spanish king who ruled from 1037 to 1065.

Although there are a vast amount of chalices reported to have once been believed to be the Holy Grail, this golden cup identified by the historians was examined over a three-year period, which was prompted by a piece of Egyptian parchment found at a university in Cairo.

To prove the goblet on display in Spain is indeed the Holy Grail is next to impossible, however that won’t stop the faithful from believing it is the cup of Jesus.

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