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Holy Ghost Writer’s Sequels to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ Are Permanently Free

Holy Ghost Writer

With each published novel, the mysterious Holy Ghost Writer gains more and more fans. No one has managed to discover the author’s true identity, so the reward has risen to $5000 for the reader who will follow the clues offered in the sequels to Dumas’s ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ and figure out who the author really is. Now, Holy Ghost Writer, has made two of his books permanently free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ and ‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’.

Edmond Dantes is one of Alexandre Dumas’s most popular characters. If you read ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ and you’re wondering what happens next with your favorite characters, Edmond, Mercedes, and Haydee, then Holy Ghost Writers has some possible answers for you. ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ follows Edmond’s adventures after he takes his revenge on the Villeforts. He has to fight new enemies, but this time he has some strong women by his side. Both Mercedes and Haydee love him, and they are ready to support him in all he wants to accomplish. The author also introduces a new character, Raymee, who is a strong and determined woman readers will absolutely love.

In ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’, HGW has managed to combine adventure, romance, and mystery, adding a compelling fairytale-like atmosphere that will pull the readers in and keep them glued to the pages. The characters are complex and well-developed, and the action is fast-paced. Also, the author adds an intriguing mystery that can only be completely unraveled if you read the entire series. It has something to do with Edmond’s true origins.

‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’ is a fascinating fantasy/science-fiction novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. Even though it may not seem connected to ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ at first, readers will soon discover all the characters in the sequels are connected in intriguing, unexpected ways. However, ‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’ can be read as a standalone.

It is the story of a six-year-old boy who is a genius with an IQ that is ‘off the charts’. The world he lives in is ruled by an oppressive International Government that issues new laws every day to keep the citizens busy and subdued. When Zeddy’s physicist father goes missing, the boy first suspects that the International Military Police took him. However, Nimueh, the ancient Lady of the Lake, tells Zeddy that his father is in a parallel universe, on a planet made entirely of dark matter – Zamira. Thus, Zeddy goes on an amazing adventure accompanied by his only friend, a zutterfly made of dark matter, hoping to find his father and save him from whatever force is keeping him prisoner.

Holy Ghost Writer is incredible when it comes to world-building. He has taken a popular story and turned it into something brilliant, creative, and unique. All the characters in his/her sequels are connected in mysterious ways, and the readers only need to pay attention to all the subtle details to understand the connections.

Don’t forget that ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ and ‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’ are both permanently free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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