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Holy breaking news!


DC's bevy of super heroes

Holy Katie Couric, readers! Breaking news over at Warner Brothers where the big wigs have something stirring in the wings. They are planning on revamping DC Comics and turning it into a movie making power house able to keep the eternal war between Marvel, or should I say Marvel-Disney, raging on.
Warner Brothers seems to be having a lot of missteps and road blocks with the production of their comic book movies. Superman, Warner’s second biggest cash cow, is one of the biggest examples. Thanks to recent court rulings the company must have Supe’s next installment in production by 2011 or the rights will be forfeited back to the original creators. The biggest snag in the creation of the script is that Superman’s origin story from his birth on Krypton to his life on the farm can’t be used. These rulings appear to be the company’s kryptonite.
Warner’s other big tent pole The Green Lantern is having its own troubles down under. According to an article at the rise of the Australian dollar is sending production costs through the roof and creating concern for the Green Lantern’s future. Another article has given fans a bit of hope saying that the producers plan to keep the movie here in the states. In my opinion the only reason that the movie is keeping its head above water is the involvement of funny man turned action star, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. After starring in Blade: Trinity and Wolverine Reynolds has proved that he can bring the right mix of comedy and action to his roles.
The creation of DC Entertainment is a smart move for the company. It shows that Warner Brothers is serious about getting organized and producing quality comic book movies for their audiences, not just competing with Marvel. While this is a tremendous step, is it too little too late? What do you think readers? To read the whole story on the creation of DC Entertainment click on the link above.