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Holster items at 2014 SHOT Show

Safariland GLS holster.
Safariland GLS holster.

There were many different holster options on display at the 2014 SHOT Show. The public continues to get permits/licenses to carry weapons at a high pace. Manufacturers are bringing out non-traditional designs to accommodate the needs of everyday people, not just ‘tactical’ aficionados.

Several manufacturers are producing well designed and stylish holster purses. For example, Everyday Tactical Gear is owned by a female firearms instructor. They showed some of the smallest holster purses at the Show. Galco, Gun Tote'n Mamas™, Designer Concealed Carry and several other manufacturers had purse holsters at the Show. While many in the industry disdain holster purses, many women will accept no other option, and a dedicated holster purse is a far safer option that just throwing a gun loose in a purse.

Sticky Holsters displayed their line of no belt attachment holsters for a variety of pistol sizes. These holsters use an outer material that grabs the clothing and does not require a belt loop or clip. They’re especially useful for casual wear that doesn’t have a belt.

An evolution of the belly band holster comes from Pistol Wear. This soft holster has an integral waist band and so does not require any support from the clothing. Pistol Wear is very useful for those who wish to carry a pistol while exercising because it is secure underneath gym shorts and other athletic attire. It is also a workable option for women’s fashions that don’t allow wearing a gun belt to support a conventional holster.

Safariland showed an Inside the Waist Band (IWB) version of the new Grip Locking System (GLS) holster. The GLS system locates the locking release underneath the trigger guard making it more suitable for IWB use than other security holsters.

The DeSantis Rail Ryder® is an attachment that attaches to a Picatinny accessory rail and provides a clip to catch the belt or clothing. Although DeSantis displayed it on a Glock dummy gun, users of striker fired pistols should strongly consider how comfortable and safe they feel without a covered trigger guard.

Although not exactly holsters, the Blackhawk Diversion bags do provide a low profile way of carrying firearms around and to the range. Since they look more like athletic gear than a bag with a gun in it, firearms owners in urban areas may find them more useful than conventional guncases.

The wide expansion of holsters and related products means that weapons carriers should research their purchases carefully before deciding to purchase a holster for their weapons. There is no reason now to purchase a cheap nylon holster that hardly holds a pistol securely and is cumbersome to access.

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