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hologram of prime Minister Recep

You have some place to be but don't or can't reach your destination so what do you do? You send a hologram of yourself. That's exactly what Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan did when he couldn't attend a political party to give his speech. He sent a 10-foot hologram of himself. Here is yet another cool tech that that is ripped off sci-fi pages that is projecting into our world.

Holograms exist everywhere, cd, dvds, on your credit cards. These Holograms exist to make forgery more difficult and aren't impressive at all. Large-scale holograms are two-dimensional surfaces that show precise, three-dimensional images of real objects. Looking at these in different angles, you see objects from different ways, just like looking at a real object.

This might be in the right step for true-3D TV. According to Michio Kaku this might be achieved by a dome that you sit in and watch the images on the screen above you come to life right before your eyes. Sounds like something they did at Disneyland. Now when are we going to see Holodecks from Star Trek?

Watch the video of a Hologram tiger! very cool

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