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Holocaust Museum killer von Brunn hated Christians, linked to William F. Buckley foes


Further to yesterday's post regarding James von Brunn, who murdered a security guard yesterday at DC's Holocaust Memorial Museum, new details about the killer have emerged.

While von Brunn was many things, including deeply confused, he wasn't quite the mainstream conservative and/or "rightwinger" currrently being depicted on leftwing blogs and by liberal commentators.

For example, true to his nihilistic Niechtzean philosophy, von Brunn hated Chrisitianity, which he condemned as the main source of "weakness" in Western civilization. Whether said Western civilization would be what it is without the influence of Christianity, and whether said civilization would be  worth defending so ardently, aren't questions that seem to have troubled von Brunn.

Likewise, von Brunn is being linked to various groups and individuals who represent the fringe (or worse) of the conservative movement and/or the Republican Party (although most likely these folks prefer the term "remnant"...)

For example, von Brunn frequented Ron Paul discussion forums, where reasoned discourse is thin on the ground. It's true that Mr. Paul was allowed a podium at the most recent GOP Presidential debate; however, let's recall that Al Sharpton was granted a similar platform at the Democratic counterpart, within living memory.

In addition, von Brunn is now being associated with the LIberty Lobby. William F. Buckley famously purged the mainstream conservative movement of the John Birch Society, and anti-semitic groups like the Liberty Lobby, way back in the early 1960s. For his pains, the Liberty Lobby accused Buckley of being a "mouthpiece" for the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. (After 14 years, Buckley won a libel judgement against the group.)

In short, von Brunn's connection with conservative thought and action today -- be it talk radio or "tea parties" -- is tenuous. Those trying to puff up such "connections" are acting in bad faith, out of blind partisanship -- of the sort which is as corrosive to the health of the body politic as von Brunn's own blatherings.

And remember: the Daily Kos & company have much wider readerships than all von Brunn's mostly unread websites combined.

For more info: visit our Oklahoma Crime Examiner, who was one of the first to cover the story yesterday.


  • Ian 5 years ago

    This article is absolute B.S. Van Brunn mentioned in his note that Obama was going to take away his guns. Your buddy Glenn Beck repeatedly stated this lie. He was also someone who didn't believe Obama was a U.S. citizen. This is a falsehood perpetuated by the right and most recently by Limbaugh. To not admit to these things is disingenuous and you should be embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for you. Own up to the fact that the current state of right wing radio and rhetoric contributed to this act and others before it. This is just disgusting. I feel sick.

  • pvtplt 5 years ago

    It is all Bush's fault. When will you libtards get over this line.

  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    Turns out that this wack job was also going to target the American Spectator offices. A right wing outfit.

    So he was a LEFTIST not a right wing nut.

  • Ian 5 years ago

    He was a right wing nut.

  • Dan Davis 5 years ago

    You should get an "A" for effort. There are, after all, just a couple bloggers attempting to convince the rest of the world that von Brunn is, in fact, a liberal.

    Oh, and nice try with the Ron Paul connection. Your attempt to suggest Ron Paul has a tenuous connection to the Republican Party is laughable. Paul has been a Republican congressman for nearly 35 years.

    And speaking of blind partisanship, what would you call those that are so blinded and entrenched in their own ideology that they can't even admit von Brunn shared major components of that ideology?

    You guys need to, collectively, grow a pair.

  • apple 5 years ago

    This guy was a nut all the way around. Even the white hate groups are denouncing him.

    Drop the blind partisanship , it is overly obvious from this article as well as those on the left that they are desperatly trying to score political points.

    Shame on everyone for doing that.

    We are all Americans and we should all DENOUNCE this and move on..

    Sad state of affairs,


  • Amy P. 5 years ago

    Yeah, Ian, we'll "own up to the fact that the current state of right wing radio and rhetoric contributed to this act and others before it" as soon as liberals admit that all of the actual hate rhetoric spouted by guys like Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden, and the leftist apologists who bend over backward to kiss the butt of radical Islam "own up" to 9/11, the military recruiting center shooting in Arkansas, and every other act of violence inspired by liberal hysterics.

    But it's clear liberals hope shouting "RIGHT WINGER!" enough will make it true. It's sad that people who think they are the moral and intellectual superiors of conservatives wouldn't know factual evidence if it jumped up and bit them in the arse. Proven by the fact NONE of you can cite actual quotes by Limbaugh, Beck, or anyone that actually encourages people to go out and shoot up museums. It's all 100% conjecture.

    Could it be because the facts get in the way of your liberal, socialistic, Obama-loving worldview?

  • specs 5 years ago

    You obviously have not visited any "Ron Paul discussion forums" as they are filled with reasonable discussions about many topics.

    Ron Paul was not "allowed" a podium at the debates, he EARNED it. In fact, look back at those debates and tell me which candidate was repeatedly warning of the American people of a coming economic hardship over and over and over. Maybe you should stop by some of those forums for some education via reasoned discourse.

    I've done my best to be polite in this message, but your entire post is in reality: disgusting, lacking in truthfulness and is merely a smear attempt against those that want to get the Republican Party back to a platform of limited government and liberty as opposed to advocating war-mongering and torture all the while spending ourselves into a huge hole.

  • apple 5 years ago


    Shame on you, No one in America is rooting for alquida or the nut from Iran or any other vile character that means our nation harm.

    right wing radio is entertainment only, we have a right to speak our opinions in America , even if we disagree..

    Right vs Left all of the time, over every thing even over loss of life.

    what a shame, this is something that everyone needs to take a step back from and remember what our founding fathers and our brave servicemen did to make this nation the greatest in the world.

    Reading these blogs one would say Americans have lost their way and their minds.

  • Phony Conservative 5 years ago

    von Brunn was also a regular reader of "" and "" Oh, the horror!

  • Ian 5 years ago

    1. He hates the US government.
    2. He hates liberals.
    3. He said President Obama was "created by Jews."
    4. He believes Obama wasn't born in the United States.
    5. He holds conspiratorial views about the federal reserve.
    6. He feared the takeover of the country by "black governors."
    7. He was active in the white separatist movement.
    8. He is an anti-Semite.
    9. He is a known associate of William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries.
    10. He is a known associate of Stan Hess, formerly of David Duke's European rights organization.
    11. His birther screed was posted approvingly at Free Republic.
    12. He idolized John G. Crommelin, a McCarthyite and segregationist who ran for Governor of Alabama for the ultra right-wing National States' Rights Party.
    13. He calls himself a "White Christian."

    Sounds like a right wing whackjob to me.

  • apple 5 years ago

    Why are you all fighting over his political ID? Does it matter? Is it going to make non partisan Americans drop everything and come to root for your political party?

    Think about how crazy you all sound?

    Why not just denounce him , agree he is a sick man and move on to more productive matters?

  • BOB 5 years ago

    IAN you obviously have never listened to Rush. He also says that the "truthers" are crazy. He was a "NAZI". What part of National "Socialist" Party don't you understand?

  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    I just love the leftists who cannot wait to pin this kind of thing on repubs. It really shows the level of their intellect.

    When a crazed lunatic kills a late term abortion doctor it is Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Riellys fault.

    When a crazed lunatic black Muslim kills a young military recruiter, he is a lone gunman.

    What a double standard.

  • w3bgrrl 5 years ago

    Ian is among those who are acting in bad faith and perhaps even lying to connect this moron to conservatism. His writings on the damage Christianity has done to the West are now well-publicized. If anything he seems to be advocating socialism and paganism. He also writes about 9/11 being an inside job and Bush being complicit.

    Keep digging, Ian. The more we read about this man the more he sounds like Noam Chomsky with a shotgun.

  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    Does anyone else see the irony in this story?

    A man with a gun starts shooting the place up.

    Another man with a gun is the ONLY one able to stop him.

  • apple 5 years ago

    When a crazed lunatic kills a late term abortion doctor it is Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Riellys fault.

    When a crazed lunatic black Muslim kills a young military recruiter, he is a lone gunman.

    What a double standard

    Why won't anyone answer my question?

    Does it matter if this man is a liberal or a conservative?

    WHY does this matter?

    Please answer, if someone has the damn courage to.

  • Vera 5 years ago

    "This is just disgusting. I feel sick. " Oh, take some medicine and get over it! This jerk just doesn't fit into your prejudices of conservatism. The guy is a nut, as was the abortion dr. killer, and the army recruiter killer. There is extremism across the political spectrum. Have you ever heard that sterotyping people can be unhealthy and even dangerous, and something I hope we discourage in this liberal society. Mudslinging and namecalling only foments anger and I don't think it can be blamed on any particular type of media. Unfortunatly, this seems to be the hallmark of political rhetoric across the spectrum; it's all at a feavered pitch without much reason or logic.

  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    apple, it DOES NOT most right minded thinking people. It DOES matter to those on the fringes of the left wing.
    As we can well see with the reporting of the story. Who was the first to link him with the right?

    This loon is now responsible for the same number of dead as Teddy Kennedy is!
    The difference is Teddy was never charged.

  • apple 5 years ago

    Does anyone else see the irony in this story?

    Why is that ironic? That is the whole purpose to have security, because of what that museum represents it is not unusual to have anti semitic or other bigoted type hater who have violence in mind.

    You appear to be looking to score some political point on the issue of guns in America..

    Why not just denouce , a innocent man died, what else matters? If his killer found comfort in your political party?

    It is really sick to watch all of you do this.

  • Dan Davis 5 years ago


    Of course it doesn't matter. The man is a lunatic irrespective of ideology.

    What you're seeing in the comments is a reaction to the author's attempt to blame others.

    I can't imagine why else the author would bring up Daily Kos and other commenters would turn this into a discussion of guns rights and media bias.

    A man was killed by that guy yesterday. You all ought to show some respect and stop acting like spoiled children.

  • Confused 5 years ago

    "And remember: the Daily Kos & company have much wider readerships than all von Brunn's mostly unread websites combined."

    Because the Daily Kos is akin to white supremacy websites? How?

  • Leanne 5 years ago

    Of course you're right Apple. Liberal media bias will paint this as happening because of right leaning talk show hosts. (As has happened before) Or paint him as a right winger. Kathy is pointing out that his veiws are not consistent with that bias,and that conservatives are tired of being painted with the same brush like they're homocidal nut jobs. I disagree with her veiw of Ron Paul, but I understand where she is coming from. 911 was life changing to many, and I suspect to Kathy as well. Many have tried to tie r.p. with conspiracy theories that he doesn't beleive in. His stance on the Iraq war also puts him at odds with his party, though he is not oppossed to the war in Afghanistan.

  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    Off topic but important!!!

    I am listening to the news right now. 17 Chinese terrorists are going to Palau. Other terrorists from GITMO are going to the Bahamas.

    How do I become a terrorist and get replanted with GOVERNMENT HELP no doubt, to a beautiful tropical island?

    I see our brave young men and women return to America with both legs if they are lucky. They FOUGHT AGAINST THESE SAME TERRORISTS and are coming home to live as best as they can.
    Does anyone believe that these brave Americans deserve LESS than the GITMO terrorists when they finish their fight?

    If reports are right the Chinese terrorists are going to Palau for $200,000,000. Thats $11.76 million EACH!!!

    This is SHAMEFUL. Obama should be impeached.

  • apple 5 years ago

    I think if everyone trys to be the calm cool head on of these blogs that are enjoying the back and fourth then you have done a good deed..

    If GOD forbid this violence continues then we all should make a promise to each other and to the good of humanity to at least one time intervene and try to cool it down and refocus on the loss of life and not which political party the killer belonged too...

    We are better then that, we are the nation that rose to help our allies to RID Hitler
    from this earth..

    When we see evil, we remember those we lost and the good in humanity, we all LOVE this nation, we have different views on how which direction it should be ran, but our differences are far less then our commonality..

    Please remember to do a good deed on a blog if this ever happens again( god forbid)

    Lets clean up the internets!!!

    Love to all


  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    CORRECTION: It is NOT the Bahamas.

    It is Bermuda.

    Which place would you rather go?

    Before they had terrorists of course.

  • Happy Indep 5 years ago

    Nice words apple.

  • Revnant Dream 5 years ago

    This guy hated so many people its surprising he lived that long, with that much bile bottled up.
    Unsurprisingly he hated Christians as well.
    Debbie Schlussel thinks the elephant in the room is the accommodation of Anti-Semitism by Muslims by the Government allowed this pickled brain to think killing Jews was now in vogue again.
    He was an old & bitter man I think who lost it finally. That or he had a brain tumor with advanced senility.
    The real story I believe is this of many that will try to turn people from looking at the Jihadist menace to witch hunting Conservatives. More importantly anyone who disagees with Obama.
    I may be wrong, but time will speak.

  • Pat 5 years ago

    Hilarious.It's always a treat to see the wingnuts scramble to disassociate themselves from one of their own when he goes postal.

  • Big A 5 years ago

    Obviously the author of this column did not do her homework. To lump the educational efforts of the John Birch Society with anti-Semitic groups is grossly and sloppily inaccurate.

    I am an orthodox Jew who has been at the highest levels of volunteer leadership for over 24 yrs with the JBS.

    She owes the JBS a major apology. And then maybe she should start to read...begin with "William F. Buckley, Pied Piper for the Establishment." And then she should visit and find out what she has been missing and just maybe she could begin to take concerted consistent action to help preserve our diminishing freedoms.

  • Captain Howdy 5 years ago

    The Columbine shooters were Jewish and weren't some of their victims shot for being Christian? Don't recall it ever being prosecuted as a hate crime?

  • Jim R 5 years ago

    "I think if everyone tries to be the calm cool head..."

    How's that working out Apple?

    No one seems to want to claim responsibility for the ideology of this Bunn guy. Worse, their clambering like hell to stuff the body into the other guys closet Hilarious!

  • Jim R 5 years ago

    That would be 'Brunn'.

  • Akston 5 years ago

    "For example, von Brunn frequented Ron Paul discussion forums, where reasoned discourse is thin on the ground. It's true that Mr. Paul was allowed a podium at the most recent GOP Presidential debate…"

    And as we all know, Representative Paul was allowed that podium on the thin rationalization that he was *a fully qualified Republican candidate for the presidency*.

    And after taking that podium, Representative Paul went on to ask all the people who would post on blogs related to him to please condemn Christianity, Judaism, and murder innocent guards at Holocaust Museums. Right??

    Guilt-by-Association fallacies are just as insupportable when issued by the right or the left. If he had a Netflix account, would that necessarily mean the folks at Netflix agreed with him?

    The man believed how he chose to believe, and acted how he chose to act. Condemn him for that - as one rightfully should.

  • Kludge 5 years ago

    Nietzsche sympathized with Christians for their nihilism. He pitied Christians, but certainly did not hate them. "Hateful nihilist" is an oxymoron, of course...

    It is possible to disagree with a person or ideology without writing unfair (especially the jab at Ron Paul) and hateful blog posts...

  • kmacc 5 years ago

    Where is the evidence that von Brunn "frequented Ron Paul discussion forums?"

  • Lisafrequency 5 years ago

    I think the nut case Obama supporters are being under reported. I wonder how many Obama supporters have committed a crime lately? I want to look into how many people in jail voted for Obama.

  • Frank 5 years ago

    The John Birch Society is not anti-semitic and very much welcomes people of the Jewish faith into the group.

    You can't link us to this madman shooter.

  • C. Michael 5 years ago

    But Shaidle, your previous article went straight for the partisan vein, stating that this man was more left than right. You twisted elementary school politics to show that extreme liberalism, and left-wing politics can produce dangerous madmen and fascism.

    All you're doing is trying to categorize a madman into a political group that you find distasteful.

    When taken to extremes, any political viewpoint can go full circle and start looking like the opposite of its initial intent. Look at the "conservative" right in this country for the last 8 years.

    It was based on a movement of people who stand behind principles of "less government" yet sought "Marriage Protection" bills to be passed into law... As well as laws dictating individual "morality." Is that more "right" or "left"?

    Regardless, this man was on the fringes, far from anything decent or progressive in this political climate. Yet, he wanted to eliminate the Fed...

    Which, by definition is a "Right"-minded idea

  • Jim R 5 years ago

    "The John Birch Society is not anti-semitic"

    Did you mean to add "now" Frank?

    Even the Christians were openly anti-semitic 50 years ago. Wouldn't you if the Jews crucified your god? Today, Christian and Jews are united behind two common interests (enemies); the lefts attack on religion in general and the State of Israel, and the Muslims attack on religion other than their own and the State of Israel.

  • James Norman 5 years ago

    What sort of Christians, Jim R.? The kind that helped raise money to help displaced Jews move to the newly founded State of Israel?

    Way to generalize, man. If you're going to hound someone over stating facts correctly, please be more precise.

  • Doug Parris 5 years ago

    The slights about Ron Paul, particularly the comparison to Al Sharpton are the kinds of Left-Wing propaganda the GOP pragmatists have used to destroy this Party. Bailouts, Socialized Medicine, Gay Marriage, Publically funded Abortions, Massive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Cap'n Trade energy rationing... there is no principle of the Obama administration not replicated in the candidacies of McCain, Romney and Giuliani. These are the "mainstream conservatives" against which, to Kathy Shaidle, Ron Paul doesn't measure up. Kathy Shaidle is, clearly, a LIBERAL and a con artist.
    Doug Parris, President, The Reagan Wing

  • Rangeley 5 years ago

    Von Brunn was a hateful racist and a murderer. Trying to connect other political movements to him is acting in bad faith and just playing politics. That includes people who try to clear their "own name" by defaming others, as is the case in this article with libertarians.

  • marxbites 5 years ago

    Brunn is actually a patriot, in that despite his crime, his enemy is the the enemy of us all.

    The unconstituional Federal Resereve w/o which Leviathan wouldn't have entered the Bankers WW1 and its intended consequence WW2. Morgan heavily agitated for war and the banker creation New Republic just to propagandize us into war. Morgan repayments of it heavy loans to England were now guaranteed, but they were ALSO put in charge of all war materiale selling/loaning to allies - fraught w/graft elites ALWAYS use govt to enrich themselves/w at taxpayer expense.

    Americans are purposely ignorant of the history and economics self interested educrats and govt least want us to know.

    Brunn took a life and he should not have. Yet no elite owned media tells the truth.

    The Creature from Jekyll Island a Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Ed Griffin

    Search the above at Youtube - very important to us all no matter w/side of the corrupt duopoly you ignorantly support.

    mises dot org

  • ernie1241 5 years ago

    Kathy's article fabricates an outrageous and malicious falsehood when she writes that von Brunnhe "wasn't quite the mainstream conservative and/or "rightwinger" currrently being depicted on leftwing blogs and by liberal commentators."

    Nobody has claimed that von Brunn was a "mainstream conservative".

    The comments on-line have objected to "mainstream conservatives" like Rush Limbaugh who FALSELY claimed that:

    "This guy is a leftist if anything" and

    "This guy's beliefs, this guy's hate stems from influence that you find on the left, not on the right."

    For anyone not familiar with the persons, organizations, and publications which Mr. Von Brunn admired and which HE claimed informed his thinking, you may request my new 13-page report on him and them by contacting me at ernie1241 at aol dot-com

  • marxbites 5 years ago

    Hey Doug,

    You are 98% correct about BOTH parties smearing Ron Paul - the only NON-OATH breaker in all DC.

    As good as Reagan's freedom & liberty rhetoric was, his cabinet was JAMMED FULL of the very same establishment MICC/CFR/TriLat/NWO/Fedl Reserve cabal of criminal elites that have actually run America since Wilson at min.

    Read Murray Rothbard's elite expose "Wall Street, Banks & American Foreign Policy" at

    lewrockwell dot com - then goto mises dot org for the reality based history and economics education we've ALL been cheated out of in our compulsory govt indoctrinations.

    Each newborn now owes the FED $188K BEFORE its first breath.

    NO TV media will tell Brunns true story, probably even SOME history and econ knowledgable Beck. The rest are liars or just ignorant, but for Stossel and the "Judge" - my top two truth tellers along with Peter Schiff who called this FED/elite created financial debacle only THEY cash in on, again.

  • ernie1241 5 years ago

    Frank is correct: the JBS is not explicitly anti-semitic. HOWEVER, the JBS has had an unusual number of anti-semites (and racists and neo-nazis) who attached themselves to the JBS, including former National Council members & prominent writers for the JBS (e.g. Westbrook Pegler & Revilo Oliver).

    Most Birchers are not aware of Robert Welch's true beliefs.
    2/10/61 Welch letter to Dr. Lawrence Lacey:
    "To me it seems likely, Dr. Lacey, that in 1900 or 1905, at the time of the first Russian Revolution which was led by Trotsky, or in 1917, or even up to the middle 1920's, the Communist Conspiracy was largely a child or at least a ward of the Zionist conspiracy. And for the reason Jews were preponderant in the top levels of the Communist hierarchy. But it seems equally clear to me that by 1937 or 1938, when Stalin had finally succeeded in taking into his own hands all of the reins of Communist power stretching out all over the world, the child had quite largely outgrown the parent..."

  • ernie1241 5 years ago

    The question which people like Marxbites never want to answer candidly is WHAT would happen to the people he describes as "criminal elites" if his ideas were to become the prevailing viewpoint?

    This is typical of political extremists!

    They want a day of reckoning to commence and they look forward to criminalizing political positions which they don't agree with.

    In effect, they do not recognize ANY decent, honorable, legitimate alternative competing point of view.

    Everything which does not conform to their personal political preferences is characterized in terms calculated to evoke fear, suspicion, contempt and revulsion.

  • Bart 5 years ago

    Jim R. said "Wouldn't you if the Jews crucified your god?"

    This is a complete distortion of Christianity. That Christ would be crucified was God's <i>plan</i>. Without the Crucifixion, there is no redemption, no "Christianity". God set out to save the World. That he used his "chosen people" to carry out his designs is no knock on them. Quite the contrary, it places the Jews squarely where they belong in the Biblical canon.

  • Todd Bria 5 years ago

    The amount of pure propeganda the "Right" has now put out to distance themselves from James von Brunn not to mention the murder of Dr. George Tiller speak volumes about the "guilt" and "blood" that must be on your hands. You can't look away from those who preach violence against those who you deem as "wrong" and then pretend your own words had nothing to do with the result.