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Holocaust Deniers

Mel Gibson
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Is it unreasonable to assume that people who insist that the Holocaust never happened are anti-Sematic?

Do they question World War 11?

Even the Germans do not deny that the violent and bloody reign of Adolph Hitler, complete with concentration camps and widespread carnage, actually occurred.

And what wonderful record keepers the Nazis were. There is paperwork people....

What does it say about folks who are basically stating that the Jews are lying about systematic capture and horrific death?

Okay, occasionally, Jews fairly or not, have been identified with pessimism and complaint.

But after years of prejudice, wandering, pogroms and Nazis, it is understandable.

But what sane group could imagine Hitler and the Third Reich and then present it as actually true.

The Jews, used to persecution and prosecution are too superstitious to perpetuate such a fable.

As countless mothers have said: don’t even think such a thing!

Not to mention the infinite number of witnesses to the war, the death camps, the cattle cars and the reiteration of murder as the Nazis marched through Europe.

Which brings the discussion to Mel Gibson. A Jewish writer is saying that it is time to bring him back into the fold, embrace him and his work.


(By the way, we will leave the discussion about his thoughts inre gays and his actions toward women on hold for another day.)

Is he the only actor in Hollywood? He is an aging action star/leading man who cannot do comedy nor sing and dance.

Does the world need another movie about Jesus with a strong anti-Semitic undertone?

God forbid: What Women Want the Sequel.

Let Gibson make a new film.

And people, vote with your feet and your wallets.

Because bigots can also make bad movies.

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