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Holocaust Denial - Selective Memory

I'm mad enough to spit nails. I don't have time for a tirade right now, especially a well thought out and eloquently written one. I'm trying to complete the last bit of adaptation from a screenplay to a novel, so I can get to work on a new screenplay or another adaptation, ad infinitum. I don't want to have to run off to the crusades for an hour and write stuff like this. But duty and my frustration call. I did manage to ward off the compulsion to write this earlier today, but when the local paper arrived and headlines concerning a Holocaust survivor struck me head on, I had to spring into action.

Here's the story that got me all fired up:

This hit home with me rather quickly as I am just wrapping up the final touches on a movie called The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah that alludes to this problem. It blows me away that the rhetoric that proceeds from the mouths of heads of state and heads of powerful organizations claiming that their express goal is to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth doesn't even seem to alarm most people. Yet on the other hand they deny the holocaust ever happened. You can bet that if the United States had not stepped in when it did, Hitler may have had a chance to complete that goal for them.

In a way, this persecution is a good thing. It helps clarify the grays of my world. As the planet seems to be running toward political correctness and fake love, the desire of a segment of the population to totally wipe out another segment is a testimony of God's plans and the last days of the rule of mankind. The scary thing is that the body of Christ is grafted into the House of Israel. Those who truly embrace Christ as opposed to those who offer lip service so they can purchase a very low premium fire insurance policy, will be threatened with isolation and marginalization and persecution just like the Jewish people. I never believed it could really happen. In just a few short years we've gone from a world which had respect for morals and Christian principles to an environment where many are saying "Shut the ^%#^ up, you judgmental, homophobic, paranoid, busybody Jesus freaks. It's only a step of about the same height to get to the stage where instead of telling outspoken Christians to shut up, people, including potentially the government, will use violence and imprisonment to stifle the message.

The good news for now is that saner minds have prevailed and the district involved has stepped in. Read about that at

To question the authenticity of the Holocaust is like wondering if the US Civil War really occurred. There is a difference here. There are survivors on three sides: victims, perpetrators, and rescuers. Those people are reaching an age where they will all be dead soon and only their written testimony and the pictures of the unspeakable horrors will remain to shout out to the world - don't let this happen AGAIN!

Now I can go back and work on more pleasant things – a story about drug and alcohol addiction. I feel a little better after venting, but I know this hounding of the Jews problem is only going to get worse in the future. But if nobody makes a stand against it, the matter will accelerate toward a very sad conclusion.

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