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Hollywood Weekly puts art broker Jimmy D Robinson on its cover

Today (July 24), Hollywood Weekly Magazine released its July 2014 edition with art broker to the stars Jimmy D Robinson as its cover story. The article is quite inciteful, titled "Portrait of a modern art broker," should anyone be thinking of making a move into the illustrious art field. The article also features a beautiful and colorful photo shoot by Jacob Studios of West Palm Beach, Florida.

“My life is beyond my wildest dreams today, probably because I have never stopped chasing my dreams,” declares Robinson.
Photo shoot by Jacob Studios of West Palm Beach, Florida
Hollywood Weekly cover story - Jimmy D Robinson: Portrait of a modern art broker
Jacob Studios of West Palm Beach, Florida

It is 4:00 a.m. and the alarm goes off. Most hard-working people are just rolling over for another few hours of sleep before they start their day. Art broker Jimmy D Robinson relishes his early rise each day before daybreak and eagerly makes his way to his espresso maker. While enjoying a shot of robust java, Robinson spends quality time with his three adoring cats. By approximately 4:30 a.m. each day, Robinson makes his way outdoors to meditate and power-walk along the beach in Lake Worth for 30 minutes. He then makes his way to the local sports club for a 45-minute workout. During his morning exercise routine, in order to take advantage of the time difference, Robinson will take time to pause and communicate with clients in Asia and Europe if deals are in action. Once leaving the gym, Robinson is on his phone for almost the entire day.

Do not jump to conclusions that Jimmy D Robinson is rigid in his routine and schedule. He is a rare businessman who lives in the moment and appears to be truly grateful for each day he gets to do what he love to do. A young man, Robinson went through much self-discovery, as do many artistically persuaded people do. His love of the arts spans numerous areas from fine art to music to poetry to even epicurean artistry. Robinson is a man of action and has pursued many of these passions. He himself is a an accomplished fine artist, a poet with more than 20 published poetry books, a music producer and artist with a catalogue of over 200 music compositions, and a trained Cordon Bleu chef. It wasn’t until ten years ago, that Mr. Robinson utilized his artistic expression and appreciation and uncovered his true calling as a high-end art broker. Although Robinson credits a mentor for helping him in the right direction, his art broker career has been legitimately self-made from day one.

Through marvelous word-of-mouth, clients contact Jimmy D Robinson, Inc. when they have paintings, sculptures, water colors they wish to sell or when buyers are seeking something genuine and extraordinary to purchase.

“Quality and rarity makes the art easier to broker. Before 2008, everything sold – rare art, good art and not-so-well-known art,” states Robinson. “Now it has become much harder to close deals on everything since the NY market crashed. People are definitely more cautious and more choosey in their buying. This unfortunately, makes it much harder for new and upcoming artists to survive and prosper.”

Jimmy tries his best to find a home for most of the art he agrees to broker. He only takes on what he believes he can find a home for. “What I have found in the last five years is that more of the high-end art sells actually sells easier. Mind you, price does make a difference to everyone. It is all relative. If pieces are below market value, they of course sell easier. Everyone wants a good deal. In this day age, there is no longer 40 people in line to bid on a piece of quality, well-known art. Where there would be 40, now there are now only 2 or 3 waiting to bid on the artwork.

One of his Robinson’s specialties is brokering large collections. Often people will contact Jimmy D Robinson, Inc. to sell a family member’s body of work.

“When there is a large collection of artwork that I admire and believe in, available from an artist who maybe has passed on, I purchase it myself and am able to sell the whole body of work to hotels, corporate offices and building lobbies,” explains Robinson. "I do market it and sometimes consign it to art galleries around the world if the artist and collection is not well-known. But, eventually the collection catches on and its value appreciates on the world market. I only take on what I know I can sell. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. This is my 10th year anniversary as an art broker and I am very grateful and proud to be growing in business, throughout all of the economic turmoil of the last six years.”

One thing Jimmy D Robinson does not divulge is how he attracts his buyers. After his 10 years in business, he has amassed a large pool of affluent buyers as clients, which include celebrities, corporate executives, and successful entrepreneurs, and art investors. They have come to respect his judgment, integrity and his honesty. Robinson deals sells painting as low as $1000 to multi-million dollar pieces of art.

To guard against counterfeit and lithograph sales, Jimmy works with consummate art specialists to double and triple check the authenticity of the artwork being brokered, so that buyers are confident they are purchasing an authentic piece. “I guarantee all sales and deals. I do my business my way and my trusted reputation is everything,” states Robinson. “Paying people as agreed upon immediately is a large part of my job. I am probably the only art broker company living that pays out the money what makes my company so successful and extremely unique, when I broker a person’s art I pay them within 72 hours of his company being paid.

We don’t hang to anybody’s money. Everyone is paid immediately. The buyer receives the art immediately after the seller receives payment.”

All in a day’s work for the self-made successful art dealer have included brokering transactions for Schlotzsky’s Bagels Corporation, a well-known movie star, Baskin Robbins, rare paintings from The Marcus Collection, and rare works from the Royal Palace in Haiti. “It is never dull,” state Jimmy D Robinson, who lives half the time is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he keeps a second home. “My life is beyond my wildest dreams today, probably because I have never stopped chasing my dreams,” declares Robinson.

Asked what his motto is or if he has wise words for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the art world, Robinson offers up: “Take your time, do things right and be honest. These ways of living will bring in lots of business.”

These are words to live by, indeed.

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