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"Hollywood In Vienna" Honors Oscar Winning Composer/Songwriter Randy Newman

Profile Of Oscar Winning Composer/Songwriter Randy Newman of "Toy Story" and "Cars"
Profile Of Oscar Winning Composer/Songwriter Randy Newman of "Toy Story" and "Cars"
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Randy Newman is one of Hollywood's most celebrated composers and prolific songwriters whose songs such as "Short People" and "I Love LA" put him into another stratosphere as a celebrated artist. Newman who's first original score was for the celebrated 1981 film "Ragtime", quickly earned him an Oscar nomination and also the respect of Hollywood's composing peers. In time, Randy became in demand especially after the unforgettable and triumphant score for the Robert Redford baseball fantasy, "The Natural" which still is very inspired after 30 years and always featured on sports stories on ESPN. Soon bigger and unforgettable projects would follow such as "Parenthood", Awakenings" and of course, "Toy Story" which would open the door for a few more Oscar nominations as well as an Oscar win for "Toy Story 3" for future many future Pixar and Disney hit projects including "Monsters Inc.", "Cars", "A Bug's Life" and sequels to both "Toy Story" and "Monsters Inc." Newman has also stayed active songwriting wise with his album "Harps And Angels" to go along with his other film projects such as "Leatherheads", "Pleasantville", and "Seabiscuit."

This year at this gala, Randy was nominated for "Hollywood In Vienna"'s most prestigeous award which is the Max Steiner Award, a special honor who's previous winners include Oscar winners Howard Shore, James Horner, Lalo Schifrin and John Barry. Randy was also performing along his cousin and fellow Oscar nominee David Newman, a great composer in his own right who has performed at the gala in the past and performs here with his famous cousin to provide a great one-two punch of the great Newman Hollywood legacy that has been around for decades and continues its brilliance with the original musical music by Randy, David and the very popular, Thomas Newman.

This was a very special gala indeed that was created by its founder, Sandra Tomek, (who I had the honor of interviewing for this article), who have really gone all out to make this as wonderful as possible for both film music fans and continues to attract the best and greatest composers that Hollywood has featured past and present. This was a very special night in which fans got to see two great film music legends as well as hear the power of the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, who is beginning to be one of the most in demand orchestras around the world which as brought their great music to life. This was a great night that no fan will ever forget.


“We are so honored to present a Tribute to Randy Newman and honor him for his achievements in film music at our annual concert in the Vienna Concert Hall in September", says founder and festival director Sandra Tomek. "Randy’s influence over the film music community is undeniable. He has won two Oscars, three Emmys, and six Grammys over his enduring career. Furthermore, we are happy to celebrate a world-premiere since it will be the first time that David and Randy Newman will perform on stage together. Vienna has a long musical history and therefore there is no place like this magical city to celebrate and honor composers and film music and give composers the appreciation they deserve and the audience an unforgettable night“.

In America, composers are sometimes viewed as below-the-line assets however in Vienna they and there are are celebrated and embody stardom. They are as much "Hollywood", as movie stars and filmmakers are.

James Horner (Avatar, Titanic) comments: "Receiving the Max Steiner Award at Hollywood in Vienna was the most memorable moment of my life I have no words…It was magical! I cannot thank you enough."

I’d love to coordinate coverage of this grand event and remark on the growing interest of film music around the world. Because of it's huge success in the past years Hollywood in Vienna is on the verge of going global with a touring production "Hollywood in Concert" appearing in various European cities including Berlin, Zurich and the Royal Albert Hall in London. Furthermore concerts are planed in Asia, South America and even the United States."

Please feel free to visit the "Hollywood In Vienna" official website at for more information on the event and recent performers that have appeared.

Please check out Randy Newman's profile on the "Hollywood In Vienna" website at for more information on Randy


"The worldwide much beloved Muppets guarantee best entertainment. And after exquisite British humor with Monty Python we enjoy music from the most successful sitcom The Simpsons. We let ourselves be smitten by the unmistakable saxophone sound of Pink Panther and hear the charming voices of the choir, that introduce us to cult figure Mr. Bean. We listen to the romantic and cheerful score of Sabrina and travel back in time to the beginning of the 20th century, accompanied by the film music of Ragtime and The Artist.

The second part of the evening is dedicated to star composer Randy Newman, with popular melodies from Monk, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story.

He will join the orchestra on stage and perform his greatest movie hits himself.

This year the »Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award« will be awarded to Randy Newman. The famous nephew of the ninefold Oscar-winner Alfred Newman is one of the most successful film scorers of our time.

He is especially renowned and well beloved for his numerous film songs that brought him two Oscars, 20 nominations for the Academy Award and eight nominations for the Golden Globes. He is also winner of six Grammys and three Emmys as well as honorary member of the »Rock and Roll Hall of Fame« (since 2013).

The younger ones among us know Randy Newmans music especially due to his music for the Pixar-Animation films »Toy Story« or »Monsters, Inc«.
The generation growing up without mobile phones will know him for his hits like "You Can Leave Your Hat On", "Short People" or "I Love L.A." "

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