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Hollywood Success often needs a little Ass.

Arianna and Chico
Arianna and Chico

Julie Campbell of Mark Campbell Productions has been working extremely hard to get her number one project “Cottonwood” not just made but into wide release and maybe into to serious contention for an Oscar or two. As one would expect of veteran Producer Julie Campbell she got off to a great start by getting film rights to a great novel “Cottonwood” from singer, songwriter and author Stacy Dean Campbell. (no relation to Julie). That was turned into a screen play by Joseph T. Spence and worked its way into a working script with the help of Decker. Then Julie worked her considerable magic by getting some of Hollywood’s brightest stars attached to the project. Anthony Michael Hall is on board in the role of Virgil. Ethan Suplee joined the team as Boots Conley. Then Julie got Alison Eastwood to join the cast as Darlene. The truly sensational Oscar winner Louis Gossett, Jr. came on board as PV. Also in the principal cast is the always fantastic Waylon Payne as Guppy, Joe Perry of Arrowsmith as Joe Walker and teen sensation Kari Irwin as Sarah.

Now that is a great start to a great movie by any measure, but there were still a few key elements missing. Julie Campbell is still in the hunt for the right Director. And the project still needs a wee bit of preliminary funding. The way it works in Hollywood is that with a story and cast as strong as Cottonwood getting completion financing and distribution is feasible but there is always a need for some seed money to take the project to the next level. This can be a daunting task but the ever resourceful Julie finally found the magic ingredient thanks in large part to her Production Assistant and adorable five year old daughter Arianna. Arianna helped by introducing the missing link to the project. She found and recruited a true legend in his own mind, super star extraordinaire Chico.

Now the simple truth is that Chico is a real ass. No I truly mean a REAL ass. You see Chico is in fact a very talented Mule and he will play a very important role in the film. But to properly introduce him to the project Production Assistant Arianna went on camera and interviewed Chico. Watch it and you will love it.

But as much fun as this project is, as much true star talent, including Chico as is in fact attached to this project, as competent and strong a Producer as Julie Campbell truly is the fact is the entire team needs your help now. So please visit their campaign at: and join this winning team. All fun aside it is a very compelling and moving story that very much needs to be told. Do visit their Indie Go Go campaign listed above and you may also get more information about the project at: In anticipation of your enthusiasm please allow me to be the first to welcome you and Chico to the team.

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