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Hollywood street fashion: Step Up 3D premier vs. extreme accessorizer

Click for some photo art by lancelonie.
Disney's Step Up 3D premiere in El Capitan Theater, Hollywood, California.

Step Up 3D premiered tonight at El Capitan Theater along Hollywood Blvd., California.  The route from Orange Drive to Highland Ave., towards the east, and sidewalks around the area had been blocked.  Spectators  across the street waited with cameras on their hands.  There was a number of women who looked impatiently bored until So You Think You Can Dance contestants walked by.  The likes of the bubbly Kent Boyd and the more serious Adechike Torbert initiated some cheers.

A video mix and a few photos are here.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street of Hollywood Blvd., a few steps past Kodak Theater, an  extreme fashionista stole the scene.

Everything seemed to be ordinary with this girl... 

Click for some photo art by lancelonie.
This young lady is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary sense of style.  Photo by lancelonie.

She wore clothes you will normally see this sunny season.  Her turquoise tank top had ruching that plunged her neckline.  Her black jeans were cinched with a studded belt.

But take a closer look and see what made this ordinary dresser an extraordinary fashion accessorizer. 

Click photo to view Stacey's blog.

It was definitely not her funky eyeglasses of bright green and black; nor that tattoo on her back...  But yes to that boa on her shoulder!

The blond chick definitely stepped up with her fashion statement and seemed to have brought more interest than Step Up 3D that was beyond the fans' reach.

 Courtesy photo (left): Sterling by Stacey Lynn

Click for some photo art by lancelonie.
The extreme fashionista brought interest to spectators on Hollywood Blvd., CA.  Photo by lancelonie.

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  • Joyce Geyer, Buffalo Breast Cancer & Health Ex 4 years ago

    A very nice article, and sounds like this would be fun to walk and see. The girl had quite a Tattoo. I love Angelina's tattoo's. Thank you for another great report.

  • Winona Cooking Examiner 4 years ago

    This was very nice. Thanks for the video and a well written review.

  • B* a la Moda 4 years ago

    WOW! What an accessory! Scary. :)

    B* a la Moda

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