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Hollywood street fashion: I heart shirts and the original I heart NY designer

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I heart Hollywood.  I heart LA.  Photo by lancelonie.

Like the lady in red  in the previous article, here is another noticeable scene in Hollywood Blvd. All women wore aviator glasses, short shorts and the same familiar white t-shirts.

I heart LA. I heart Hollywood.  They could either be souvenir-loving tourists or locals who are boldly expressive of their loyalty to the ‘hood.

Glaser's I heart NY, a simple state promo that turned into a globally dynamic logo.

I heart LA

The ‘I heart LA’ and ‘I heart Hollywood’ slogans were variations of the phrase, ‘I heart NY’.  The logo was the brainchild of graphic designer and New York Magazine co-founder Milton Glaser.

Originally printed in the American Typewriter font, the rebus statement was Glaser’s submission to the New York State Commerce Dept.  It is his pro bono contribution to promote the state’s tourism in 1975.

I heart NY, which Glaser scribbled inside a taxi, has a very commercial appeal that it became the subject of souvenir items.  From key chains, to coffee mugs, to refrigerator magnets, to shirts, ‘I heart’ plus any name or product you want to sell is a really good representation.

Even the heart symbol is being replaced by other company logos.  Apple Inc. used its apple emblem in ‘I [Apple] NY’ when it opened a store in New York City.  The American Red Cross, also in New York, parodied by changing the heart shape into their very own red cross insignia.

The trademark logo, being dynamic and infectious, did not remain all-American popular culture.  What started as the Big Apple’s tourism campaign is now a worldwide design phenomenon.  Many international merchandisers imitated and even changed NY into acronyms or names of places they want to represent or show affection to – I heart UK, I heart Russia, I heart Philippines…  The list is endless.

I NY – so simple in its design as the iconic smiley face emoticon; yet, so powerful enough to influence the marketing world.

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  • Angela 4 years ago

    I heart the story. :)

  • Joyce Geyer, Buffalo Health Examiner 4 years ago

    Very kwel! We have I (Heart) New York! Great shirts been around since the 70's.

    Buffalo Breast cancer Examiner

  • Winona Cooking Examiner 4 years ago

    These are oldies but goodies.

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