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Hollywood Stars rally for Unite4:Good and Green

Hollywood rallied around Unite4:Good for their Unite4:Humanity Oscar Party (Robert De Niro, Julia Louis-Drefyus, Alicia Keys, Martin Scorsese, Demi Lovato, and more) that we attended at Sony Pictures. With today being Earth Day, we want to share an exclusive interview with the Unite4:Good Founder Anthony Melikhov, plus highlight their green efforts behind-the-scenes.

Unite4:Good Founder Anthony Melikhov at their Oscar Party Unite4:Humanity
Unite4:Good Founder Anthony Melikhov at their Oscar Party Unite4:Humanity
Julia Louis-Dreyfus at Unite4:Good Oscar Party Unite4:Humanity
by Liz H Kelly

When we interviewed Anthony, he explained, “The underlying idea is that we live in a world that is dis-empowered by negative news, negative behavior and violence of war – it sets our personalities so deeply so we wanted to create a new mainstream system by promoting positive heroes, positive behavior and make acts of kindness cool.”

During the Unite4:Good Oscar Party, Former President Bill Clinton spoke about the importance of working together for an interdependent planet. Mr. Clinton highlighted the need for cooperation to solve the world’s problems, “I want you to understand you cannot live in an interdependent world where a lot of our natural resources are under enormous stress, where climate change is an encompassing challenging for all of us, where a conflict in one place will be a conflict in another… and say I’m sorry, I choose not to share the future. I’m sorry I choose to make every game a zero sum game where in order for me to win, somebody else has got to loose.”

Unite4:Good's carbon footprint is "greened" for the entire year by JustGreen®, who was the official Green Energy and Green Lifestyle partner for their Unite4:Humanity event. Behind-the-scenes, the evening's carbon footprint was neutralized or "greened" thanks to JustGreen. Together we can all help stop global warming and act with a green conscience.

When I asked Anthony about his mission to create positivity, he explained, “With the Boston Marathon, for months, nobody was talking about the guy who ran the marathon and lost his legs and transferred all his money as a construction worker to the Star Foundation to help others while running the marathon. We identify with the real heroes and magnify their actions.”

Looking ahead, Anthony shared that Unite4:Good is creating a global platform to encourage acts of kindness. He described this platform that is due to launch later this year, “It will bring together two worlds under the social good umbrella.” It will encourage people to give back, along with providing loyalty systems with points and rewards, “almost like a mileage program.” Anthony added, “If you go and volunteer for a few hours, you can collect points and receive goods or service” like tickets to the LA Lakers or lunch with Forest Whitaker.

All non-profit organizations are invited to participate in their platform, regardless of the cause. A thousand organizations are currently part of the Unite4:Good coalition, and they are adding more.

In the end, Anthony shared, “We think it’s going to be the biggest thing out there on the Internet.” And doing good is contagious! We know from the compassion of our Goody Awards fans who tweet awards everyday to recognize heroes such as Ian Somerhalder today, whose Ian Somerhalder Foundation is a leader in green.

Thank you Anthony Melikhov and Unite4:Good for all you do, and we look forward to supporting the rollout of Unite4:Good’s do-good platform.

© Liz H Kelly, National Digital Entertainment Columnist and Goody Awards Founder,

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