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Hollywood's Ruen Pair Hits the Spot

My love of Thai food comes in the anecdote from a friend who told me it's the best date food, since whenever you choose to have Thai theres something on the menu for everyone. Granted this advice came after a long-winded story of a failed date, the advice stuck. Whether for take-out, a group, or on a date, it's hard to go wrong with a good Thai restaurant.
Ruen Pair, in Hollywood's small but formidable Thai Town, is just such a place. Centrally located in Thai Town's Thai Plaza, Ruen Pair announces itself with a bright neon green sign, mirrored upon entrance in giant letters above a crowd of satisfied diners. What follows is a vast, plastic menu with affordable prices and hot tea.
Between shrimp cake appetizers, seaweed soup, and duck curry, it's hard to choose wrong off Ruen Pair's offerings. If you take a look around while trapped in such indecision, you'll likely see more than a few patrons eating the always popular dishes of morning glory, papaya salad, and fried egg with turnip. Others with steaming cauldrons of hot soup. Others with noodle and rice dishes with roasted duck, or fried pork, and on, and on. From the moment you step into Ruen Pair it's hard to choose, and even harder to leave.

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