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Hollywood's religious theme parade continues: 'Left Behind' out October 3rd

The movie "Left Behind" will be released on October 3rd starring academy winner Nicholas Cage.
The movie "Left Behind" will be released on October 3rd starring academy winner Nicholas Cage.

Hollywood once ignored religious based movies for decades on a variety of reasons, however with the plethora of success attributed from a Christian based audience to religious themed movies, there is a host of movies that are hitting the market.

Hugely successful “Son of God” broke all expectations by far by grossing over $60 million dollars which caught the attention of Hollywood movie makers. Although “Noah” disappointed Christian audiences with its deviations from the Biblical narrative, it has not stopped secular audiences as Noah has topped over $100 million domestically and $255 million internationally.

Left Behind” is a remake of the book series Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye made famous regarding the disappearance of millions of Christians during a pre-tribulation rapture. The new “Left Behind” movie which will be released October 3rd next month stars academy award winner Nicolas Cage as one of the unfortunate ones missing the Rapture.

Stoney Lake Entertainment will be releasing the movie which was shot in Louisiana in a short six week period with a miniscule $16 million dollar budge compared to the production budget of other movies.

Interest in Biblical eschatology has been rising greatly due to the prophetic significance of various Holy Scripture predictions, many that have a direct impact on events going on currently and what will be happening in the near future. Many books as Daniel, Ezekiel, the gospels of the New Testament, and Revelation have dramatic connections to events now unfolding.

Currently there is a series on television entitled “The Leftovers” which gives a secular perspective of what happens to the people that are left behind from a rapture that took place several years earlier. Each individual has issues or personal demons to deal with which probably kept them from being taken in the Rapture.

The six million dollar question with the new release of the “Left Behind” is, will Hollywood compromise or follow the Biblical narrative of the end of days scenario that is in the Holy Scriptures?

Although financially successful, “Noah” pretty much butchered the Genesis account of Noah’s Flood that is was hardly recognizable to the standards conveyed in the Bible. The reputation of Hollywood following Biblical accounts has been poor for decades.

“Passion of the Christ” was not the standard Hollywood production film and was highly successful in grossing twice as much as the new “Noah” moving with Russell Crowe. Mel Gibson’s story of the last days of Christ was made without the standard Hollywood input and followed Biblical truths.

The new “Left Behind” movie is not being produced under the regular Hollywood avenues and is being produced by Paul LaHaye, chairman of Stoney Lake Entertainment. If nothing else it will be interesting how much religious theme is incorporated into the production and how much it follows the pre-tribulation Biblical thought of the Rapture.

There are several perspectives about the Rapture and the “Left Behind” series is based on a pre-tribulation perspective.

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