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Hollywood's Crazy Colored Hair Trend

In Hollywood celebrities can make or break a fashion trend. When it comes to pop stars and reality TV stars everything they do, say and wear makes news. Beauty is in the eye of the be holder and hairstyles have taken on a colorful personality among some of our favorites stars like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne and Kylie Jenner.

Hair fashion looks from some of our favorite celebrities
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Some of our favorites celebrity hair looks
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From the sets of music videos and runway model shows hairstyle looks have become main stream fashion statements. In the early 90’s rocker Gwen Stefani made her mark with the group “No Doubt” and her skater street chic fashion look included her signature bright pink hair. Her voice sold records but her look got her noticed and girls followed suit.

Today music expression is playful, colorful and full of life and singer Nicki Minaj has found a unique way to infuse fantasy into mainstream fashion. Fashion designers line up for a shot to work with Minaj, her over the top bubblegum candy shop street chic looks is a work of art. Minaj has sported every color imaginable in her wigs including her famous cotton candy look and rainbow wig.

It took Kelly Osbourne a while to find her unique sense of style but once she did the world got to see a fashionista in the making. With her bold lavender tint gray colored hair some wondered what was she thinking. Soon it morphed into a work of art and Osbourne started wearing her now famous and most popular color rich purple which fits nicely with her day job as fashion critic on E! Fashion Police.

X Factor mentor, judge and singer Demi Lavote has always been a chameleon with her looks changing her hair color from bold pinks, reds to vibrate blues. Other fierce females who rock the bold hair color trend in Hollywood are Rihanna, Kesha, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner.

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