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Hollywood occult shop dispenses knowledge as well as potions

Panpipes in Hollywood
Panpipes in Hollywood

Vicky and Jymie with Weazie    Photo by Charles Elliott

Jymie Darling and Vicky Adams have owned Panpipes Magickal Marketplace, the oldest occult shop in the country, since 2001. It started in 1961 as the home of Donald R. Blythe’s occult group “Brotherhood of the Ram” and the Weird Museum. In 1985 it became Pan Pipes Magickal Marketplace. But it’s so much more than a marketplace.

The owners run the shop as a place to dispense not only magickal items and spells, but also magickal knowledge. “We are one of the only teaching stores...not only do we teach classes (new class starts tonight and one on August 17), we also have interns,” they say. “But more than that...we teach and empower our customers!!” So if you want an education in Voodoo, Qabala, Wiccan, Egyptian, or any one the many paths in which they are trained, go see Vicky or Jymie.

The store is Satanist-friendly, which has led to some critical dialogue within the community. And Jymie adds that they reject the title of a “Pagan” store and prefer to use “occult,” a term that is more inclusive since they do carry books on Satanism and Native American items. Jymie says that some Native Americans she has spoken to won’t call themselves Pagan, but would use the term occultist.

As a marketplace, this little shop lacks nothing. A space no larger than your living room holds shelves carrying the largest known magickal apothecary in the greater Los Angeles area, including incense, oils, herbs, shampoo, soaps, resins. They, of course, carry everything else you might need. Panpipes has books (some you might not find in your average metaphysical shop), tarot, statuary, jewelry, crystals, crystal balls, scrying mirrors, and candles. Classes are offered in a wide variety of subjects. They also have a ritual space in back.

Jymie says it’s a practicing shop, which means they will dress a candle for you or prepare some other spell suited to your specific need. The shop also is furnished with its own cat, Weazie, a feline now 23 years old, who has a chair reserved for her use. Jymie’s mother rescued the cat after it was brutally abused.

They are a “store of squirrels,” says Jymie. That's something you won't find on their website. She has a great story about what that means. It’s based on Native American folklore. You’ll have visit and ask her about it. Jymie, who studied Ancient Religions at Cambridge, also knows folklore from around the world. Ask her about the folk tale that describes the origins of the cat. The cat was once a snake? It’s a great story if you haven’t heard it.

Be sure to visit if you haven’t already. Just walking into this occult shop you get an education. If you can’t make it to the shop you can always listen to them on Occultist Radio. And be sure to keep an eye on them. They are in the midst of renovating. Sometime in the future, Jymie says, they will have the “old medieval apothecary look.”

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  • Melinda Pappa 4 years ago

    It's good to see that two of the most awesome ladies in West Hollywood and their fantabulous business have actually made the Houston Examiner news! Why wouldn't they though afterall they're 1) knowledgeable in the understanding of herbs oils brews and spells, 2) they are personable, 3) No one, and I do mean, no one else in the country has the stock that they carry, 4) you are always guaranteed a good conversation in that shop be it Vicky and Jymie or anyone else who comes in off the street and 5) Well, not other shop in the WORLD has Miss Weezie!

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they do take orders online and I suggest that you ladies try their "Temptress" oil blend. I guarantee you will be very happy with the results!

    Miss you girls and I hope to see you soon!

  • marie 4 years ago

    best occultist store ever.

  • Ariadne 3 years ago

    I was a part of the Brotherhood of the Ram in the early seventies and am looking for the original shopkeeper Lillith I would appreciate any help that you offer am also looking for IsIs

  • klgonzalez white 3 years ago

    above comment was submitted

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Jymie Darling is a liar. She never attended Cambridge University. Check their records. She does not have a doctorate.

  • Trisha 1 year ago

    Anon is hiding his identity because he is lying and defaming.Ms Darling. He is actually a criminal with a mental disorder.and has been threatening Ms Darling with physical violence and has made up some make believe relationship with her that he claims she did him wrong. Police have been notified. Also Ms Darling attended under her married name while stationed there.

  • Trisha 1 year ago

    Ms Darling attended college under her married name. And wasn't Owens. Anon knows nothing of Ms Darlings life. He is actually a sick individual who is need of mental health help immediately. He has threatened her life, stalked her for years and is utterly unhinged. We actually fear for her safety from this lunatic.

  • Jymie Darling 1 year ago

    Considering I have had 5 last names and a couple of marriages, including one in Germany that were never filed in the US, it would be impossible for someone to actually know my full background. I am being stalked by the individual above for years now and am actually in fear of my life as he is violent and mentally unstable. If anyone would like proof of my background, feel free to ask me. For safety reasons, I have to decline to post my married name while attending college.

  • Ben 1 year ago

    As a long time customer I am happy to say that I got proof that Jymie Darling, albeit under another last name, actually did attend Cambridge and later UCLA. I actually know what name she was under during that period but am going to side on caution and let her give that out at her discretion.

    I am fully aware that there is a mentally ill individual stalking Ms Darling. However, whatever proof that is being fabricated against her has nothing to do with the superb service, the amazing oils and candles that actually work. I can without a doubt, verify her deployment overseas as i served with her. I hope this helps clear up the insanity of one unhinged person for a pillar of the community.

    I will return again and again.

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