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Hollywood Newcomer Richard Moore

SAG-AFTRA Actor & CEO of Judah Productions
Melisa Hamburg

I caught up with SAG/AFTRA actor Richard Moore on set of the Emmy Nominated Netflix show "House of Cards", to see how things were going. Moore states that, "he enjoys working with the cast and crew on set, since he’s been cast to stand-in for a star actor". Moore describes his day in detail as- "I arrive on set about 30 minutes early, check in and head over to make-up and wardrobe. Once finished, the actors’ coordinator is radioed to transport me to the shoot location. During taping, the director instructs me to watch the actor that I am standing-in for, and then do exactly what he does. A marking system is use to assist me in standing on precise marks to capture the best angles and lighting. The director then watches scene play-backs in the camera monitors to ensure accuracy and coordination with other shots".

A stand-in must share physical attributes to the star actor such as height, weight and hair color. E reports, if a film star does befriend a stand-in, that doppelganger could be set for as long as the celebrity is a celebrity.

"I meet many talented actors, directors, and crew people every day while on set. Everyone, all departments rally together to make this project a success. As an actor I am so grateful to have had this experience".

Moore is CEO of Judah Productions where he produces, writes, and directs independent movies, television shows, and plays. Some of his other credits are producing and starring in "The Champ" a play that premiered at Baltimore's Artscape Festival, "The PaperMill" a television pilot that was filmed in studio and on location in Baltimore and Fairfax, VA, and "SPADES" a short film that was entered into the American Black Film Festival.

We will be keeping an eye out for Hollywood newcomer Richard Moore!!!