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Hollywood Music Examiner's radio interview with David G Purpose Music

Hollywood Music Examiner interviewed David G Purpose Music on the Los Angeles Renaissance Radio Show. David G is an Executive Music Producer / Manger and Lead Artist of Purpose Music. This multi-talented artist that sings, raps, and rocks out brought a positive attitude, news on his latest project, and music similar to Linkin Park that fueled fans to get pumped up and listen in.

David G Purpose Music in action
David G Purpose Music in action
David G Purpose Music
David G Purpose Music at work
David G Purpose Music

In this exclusive interview David G spoke about the obstacles he has faced and some that he still struggles with such as being homeless in California at one point in his life, dealing with a divorce, and not being able to see his daughter. He also voiced that these difficulties did not detour him to give up on his goals these hurdles only inspired him to pursue his passion for music more.

Despite life's challenges David G was accepted into the Music Institute located in Hollywood, California. Immediately after graduating from college David G recorded his first album and had it mastered by Universal. By 2010 David G launched Purpose Music. Purpose Music which originated in California and continues to gain popularity on the west coast has reached new heights and is now being heard worldwide.

In this one on one interview David G brings fans up to date on the history of his albums; Chapter 1 Music Behind the Eyes, Voices of a New Age, Pain Release of the Raging Sea, and Collabs. He also explains the differences between producing music in Arizona verses California, the reasoning behind Purpose Music's name, what the songs are about, his music video concepts, and future plans for Purpose Music. David G revealed some more personal things such as his favorites types of movies and his dedication to the craft of music. A special guest even called in and gave personal accounts of how she has witnessed David G Purpose Music evolve. Check out entire radio interview with David G Purpose Music.

David G Purpose Music as reciprocity to his faithful fans that have supported him and his music from the beginning left his fans with a special gift. Purpose Music supporters can download for free his latest musical creation Collabs a unique blend of rock and hip hop. Music fans to get the latest information on David G Purpose Music tours and events like the official Facebook page.

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