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Hollywood Fringe 2014 experience Day Three

The Boobies is a burlesque parody of the movie The Goonies, and is chock full of titilating fun., used by permission

Due to my commitment to attend and review a show by indie musician Alisha Zalkin, I was unable to attend any of the early shows on Monday, but I did get to spend an hour relaxing at Fringe Central, which gave me some time to catch up with Fringe staffers Meghan McCauley and Abbie Wagoner, as well as Michael Shaw Fisher (Werewolves of Hollywood Boulevard), Brandon Baruch (No Homo) and Ben Moroski (The Wake).

Lucky for me, Three Clubs had a show at midnight that sounded interesting - The Boobies: a Burlesque Parody of The Goonies. Needless to say, it was not your ordinary Fringe show and definitely NOT family friendly.

Featuring Fringe Staffer Bella Luna, this piece is a traditional burlesque show, with the theme being a parody of the movie The Goonies. The show is narrated by the Fratelli brothers, Francis and Jake (played by Mr. Buddy and Patrick the Bank Robber), who set up each burlesque number with dialogue and scenes from the movie. The premise is that the brothers are appearing before the parole board (played by the audience) and trying to win their freedom by telling their side of the story.

The dancers included Mercury Troy as Michael “Mikey” Walsh, Estella Detroit as Clark “Mouth” Devereaux, Nikita Bitch Project as Richard “Data” Wang, Vanity Flair as Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen, Mister Snapper as Brandon “Brand” Walsh, Red Snapper as Andrea “Andy” Carmichael, VV Trippple as Stephanie “Stef” Steinbrenner and Bella Luna as One-Eyed Willie. Eddie Medrano as Mama Fratelli and Tito Bonito as Rosalita rounded out the cast.

My favorite dancers were Nikita Bitch Project and Estella Detroit, and of course, Bella Luna. Each of them were believable as characters from the movie, and also turned in outstanding burlesque performances. Nikita was especially enjoyable as "Data" and was in my humble opinion the star of the show.

Although some of the "acting" was rough (like one cast member reading his lines from cards taped behind his gun), the dance numbers more than made up for the inadequacies of the supporting cast.

The show was presented by Three Clubs' regular Monday Night Tease program. If you like burlesque, and raunchy burlesque at that, check them out.

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