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'Hollywood Exes' star Drea Kelly quickly divorces new hubby

Drea shocked fellow cast members with news of her engagement, now she is already divorced.
Andrea Drea Kelly/instagram

"Hollywood Exes" star Drea Kelly shocked her fellow cast mates during the season premiere by announcing her engagement to Brian McKee. The pair reportedly met on an airplane and fell in love so fast they couldn't wait to get married. Now after just two months of marriage, Enstarz reported on Monday that Kelly and Mckee are getting a divorce after one of his side chicks calls Drea out on Twitter.

Drea met what she thought was her soul mate on an airplane. Brian McKee is a singer and celebrity barber who happened to be sitting by Kelly on the flight. The two chatted it up and bonded so well that they quickly began a relationship and even quicker, the two got engaged and married.

When announcing her engagement to the other women of "Hollywood Exes," Drea was all smiles. It was pretty obvious that she was smitten by McKee and really thought he was the one. She showed off her engagement ring to the other girls and talked about wedding plans. They all seemed happy for her too, if not a little confused by how fast she was moving with a man she basically had just met.

Now it looks like Drea, whose famous ex-husband is none other than R. Kelly, has learned why many couples wait and get to know each other very well before getting married. It seems that one of McKee's side chicks saw Drea gushing about him on "Hollywood Exes" and felt the need to shake everything up. And by shake everything up, we mean tell her the truth.

Drea Kelly and Brian McKee were married on March 6. Soon after the premier of her show "Hollywood Exes," a woman named Jaylynn Umbleby contacted Drea via Twitter with allegations that her man was hitting up Umbleby for money. In an alleged text message sent to Umbleby, McKee said, "I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car pmnt, student loans etc cell." The woman told Kelly that her hubby was hitting up women for money in an impressive Twitter exchange where the women banded together and McKee ended up in the doghouse.

Rather than lash out at Umbleby, Drea Kelly instead thanked her for outing her hustler hubby. She did reprimand the woman for taking it to Twitter and said instead she should have received an email or direct message. In any case, the two women were able to take their conversation offline and in the end it was McKee who got busted. Drea thanked her new gal pal for giving her the dirt and immediately set out to divorce Brian McKee, who obviously wasn't everything she thought he was.

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