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Hollywood comes to D C

The ARC, a place to be for local theatre in DC
The ARC, a place to be for local theatre in DC
Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Veteran TV producer, writer and former sports writer for Sports Illustrated magazine, Ken Pisani is bringing his latest project to the ARC in SE Washington, DC, sponsored by the DC Black Theatre Festival. It's a fictional story about two retired middleweight champions, one white and one black, who fought each other in a legendary trilogy in the 1950's and early 60's against a back drop of a changing America and the civil rights movement. The production is on Saturday June 28 at 8 pm, free to the public, just click on to reserve your seat. For more about the DC Black Theatre Festival, check out, .

The play is titled "Glove Story", written, produced and directed by Pisani. "I didn't realize how big a boxing town DC is. I am from New York and I followed and wrote about boxing all during the 80's. I loved it. I was told about the DC Black Theatre Festival. I applied to them and they accepted "Glove Story" and I am excited to come to DC and show the people and the boxing fans a very good story." The actors are local. The two main characters are played by The Hon. Lorenzo A. Calender II, GMS, who plays Sandy "Sandman" Johnson and Gabriel O'Neal plays "Irish" Jimmy Morgan. Several big moments in the civil rights movement of the 60's are interspersed through out the play, Medgar Evers killing, the March on Washington and others.

The story follows the two men as they reach their 70's. By then, Morgan is down on his luck, while Johnson has received great prominence as a civil rights icon. They have been at odds for years and a young female reporter, played by Shaina Lynn Simmons, gets them together as their stewing animosity erupts to hilarious and ultimately poignant effect. Laughter and tears are abundant.

The DCBTF is a week long festival, (June 20 to 29), celebrating extraordinary stories told by and about people of African descent. "I am very impressed with the work of the DC Black Theatre Festival. They seem to be open to good work for their followers no matter where it comes from", says Pisani, who lives in Los Angeles and has worked on several TV productions including the Olympics and Wide World of Sports. His work has received raved reviews and has earned him many awards. Try to get over to the ARC on Mississippi Ave. SE on Saturday, June 28 at 8 pm and have a laugh out loud evening. Please subscribe and keep up with all things boxing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.