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Hollywood Boulevard costumed characters plan a protest at Los Angeles City Hall

Superheroes in their YouTube video advocate their return to Hollywood - led by Superman Dennis.
Superheroes in their YouTube video advocate their return to Hollywood - led by Superman Dennis.
Photo copyright belongs to YouTube video: Superheroes Strike Back.

At the Los Angeles City Hall today there is a planned protest set for 12 p.m. by costumed superheroes and characters that usually crowd the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Visitors to the Grauman’s Chinese Theater area on Hollywood Boulevard are familiar with the Charlie Caplan, Batman, Superman, Power Rangers and Yoda costumed individuals arguing with one another, while entertaining by-passers and tourists in hopes of acquiring tips. Today’s protest is in response to the LAPD’s arrests and removal of the characters from Hollywood Boulevard beginning towards the end of May. According to CNN reports, the LAPD arrested over eight characters from late May to early June.

After the LAPD received numerous reports of inappropriate behavior by costumed characters, such as belligerent tip-soliciting to visitors, illegally charging tourists for picture taking, and violent arguments against one another, police officers began to remove and in some cases arrest these characters. Incredible Hulk impersonator, Joe McQueen told CNN that he believes he didn’t break any law and claims, “As far as a loitering charge is concerned, this is a public street. That’s un-American.” Hollywood Boulevard’s own Superman, Christopher Dennis is coming to his fellow costumed friends rescue by organizing today’s protest. According to Dennis, “LAPD thinks that Hollywood is doing fine without us…we’re trying to get together all the costumed characters and fight.” Dennis has managed to generate publicity for this event through Craigslist TV by posting a minute long trailer with other costumed characters urging others to join the protest. Craigslist TV producers plan to film today’s protest for an upcoming episode featuring Hollywood’s costumed characters expected to air September 9th.

Participants of today’s protests were advised to not bring any props that could be perceived as a security threat, such as guns, swords, and knives. Organizers of this protest fear that such props could lead to unnecessary arrests and confrontations with the LAPD.