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Hollywood Actresses over 70: Redefine Beauty and Longevity

In Hollywood youth and beauty sells when a women reaches a particular age it could mean a death sentence to her career. That was then and this is now, age in Hollywood has been redefined. Some of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood are over the age of 70 and giving younger stars a run for their money.

They still got it Beauty, Brains and sex appeal and they are over 70
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Age ain't but a number
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Jane Fonda, Ann Margaret, Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch, Barbara Streisand, Leslie Uggams and Diahann Carroll are among Hollywood’s elite group of women age 70 plus who still get offered lead roles in movies and television programs.

With positive and healthy lifestyles these sexy, mature, talented actresses have set a new standard not only in Hollywood but among women around the world.

Jane Fonda 76 is an author, activist and fitness guru who has maintained her youthful vigor through a continuous lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy life choices.

Raquel Welch 73 is known for her sex appeal and she has one of the most famous and iconic movie posters of all time “One Million Years B.C.” from 1966 and her ranking as one of the most beautiful women in the world has never gone away.

Diahann Carroll 78 starred in Julia in 1968 one of the first TV roles for a black women that was non- stereotypical. She continues to perform on Broadway and in television series like White Collar on USA network.

Barbara Streisand 72 is a multi-Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, producer and actresses. Faye Dunaway 73 is an Academy award winning actress and she had influenced fashion trends for more than two decades. Leslie Uggams 70 is best known or her gripping performance in the television mini-series Roots. Ann Margaret 73 danced with Elvis, made fans laugh when she played Jimmy Fallon’s mother in the movie Taxi and she won an Emmy award for her guest appearance on Law & Order SVU.

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