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Hollywood actresses beauty secret: stunning, shocking, and seductive

Hollywood actresses beauty secret
Jenifer Lawrence beauty secret

Secrets are no longer secrets when they are told. It would be naïve to think that Hollywood is a transparent world. This is a land of layers, you peel one and you continue to peel more.

It is no secret that Hollywood beauties have their own beauty “recipes,” some are weird, some funny, some out-of-the-box, and some are so simple you curse yourself for not following them. The unfathomable desire to rule the silver screen and the hearts of fans makes beauties go extra miles to stun the world through their looks and styles.

Here, you will find secrets of old Hollywood actresses, as these are the ones who ignited the fire, the flames of which still burn with the same ferocity.

The secrets tumble

The hot and the legendary Marilyn Monroe used a hormone cream on her face for the charming radiance. Do you know it was Marilyn who invented lip gloss to emphasize on her wet lips look? However, she never got the credit for the invention.

Do you know Brigitte Bardot was the first actress to don smokey eyes on the silver screen? She also made the “cat eye” famous.

Greta Garbo made her own eyeliner by using charcoal pigment and petroleum. Katherine Hepburn was known to exfoliate her skin with a mixture of lemon drops, sugar, and some water.

Bette Davis was famous for her big, bright eyes that were absolutely without lines. Her strategy was simple and natural. She used cucumber slices on her eyelids every night and used petroleum jelly under the eyes to ward off dark circles and eye bags.

Sophia Loren’s secret was none other than olive oil. Her daily diet consisted of two tablespoons of this oil. She also rubbed some on her skin. Her bathing water also contained a few drops of olive oil to provide her skin a nourishing soak.

Audrey Hepburn’s secret to sensuous eye lashes has since long been disclosed and still used. She used to separate her eye lashes with a pin. This she did after applying mascara. Marlene Dietrich first used surgical tape for face lift. Many modern Hollywood actresses use the tape technique today.

Do you know Rita Hayworth began the trend of manicure in Hollywood in 1940’s? Do you know the bewitching Claudette Colbert insisted on being filmed only from the left, as she believed she looked better from this side?

Norma Shearer, popularly called the “Queen of MGM,” in the 1930’s wore pale, white make-up to give her face a sheer radiance on the screen. She insisted other characters to wear makeup a shade darker than hers.

If there were an award for the height of looking sensuous on the screen, it would probably go to Loretta Young. She wore a rubber torso to hide her short waist. This artificial torso gave her figure an attractive slender and elegant look.

Secrets continue to tumble. As you dig into them, more are made with today’s actresses deploying innovative and weirder means to sustain their beauty and youth. It is hard to predict what the screen goddesses would do next to continue giving their audiences divine appearances.