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Holly Henry: 3 quick questions

3 quick questions . . .
with Holly Henry

Holly Henry: 3 quick questions
Holly Henry: 3 quick questions
Courtesy of Holly Henry
Holly Henry
Courtesy of Holly Henry

Holly Henry is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter/musician based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Henry has first singing at age 3. She has been performing professionally since she was a teenager. Henry recently appeared on the TV series “The Voice”. Her new single is titled “Hide and Seek” and focuses on her anxiety and agoraphobia issues.

Here are the 3 quick questions asked of Henry:

1. What was it like the first time you were actually paid to perform? Describe it for us.

Henry: The first time I got paid to perform I was around 16 and it was at a little sandwich shop in Plymouth. I really enjoyed that job and felt very grateful I found something that paid me to do something I enjoyed.

2. Feel free to be honest here. Before you got on "The Voice" what were your thoughts about reality TV and shows like that and how do you think being on the show has helped and/or hindered your career?

Henry: I've always found reality singing competitions a little ridiculous but they are certainly very entertaining. I never hated them and I watched “The Voice” on occasion. I tried out on a whim and the fact that I made it was rather surprising. I wasn't expecting success at all.

But, I think it helped me quite a lot by giving me a great deal of exposure. Many people follow me for my own personal music now. As for hindering me it may have hindered me a bit because on the show I was given some songs that weren't particularly my style and that may confuse some people as to who I am musically.

3. What's next for you?

Henry: I continue to write every day. My ideal career would be a recording musician and I feel like every day I am getting closer to that goal. I just released a new single, "Hide and Seek" but hopefully in the near future there will be new releases.

So there you have it, boys and girls, 3 quick answers from Holly Henry. Hopefully, you found these 3 quick questions entertaining and interesting.

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