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Holly Gorman: A commitment to community and service

The Gorman Family
The Gorman Family
Committee to Elect Holly Gorman

Holly Gorman is one of those rare people whose commitment to community has permeated every facet of her life. It seems that Holly cannot help but involve herself in the community to make it better. Holly’s decision to run for public office comes out of a conviction to do more to make the world a better place.

With an entire career based on service, from education to criminal justice and municipalities, Holly is the rare candidate whose professional experience makes her perfectly qualified to represent Senate District 4. Holly’s career over the past two decades has taken her into the criminal justice arena as a probation officer and trainer, in the field of education as a teacher, project coordinator, and restorative justice coordinator, and working for municipalities in a variety of roles.

Holly’s volunteer resume is so varied and interesting. With everything from Daughters of the American Revolution, Race Director for the Turkey Rock Trot, Organizing for Colorado Firefighters and Families, to school coordinator for the Girl Scouts, one wonders how she fits it all in.

Whenever I have the opportunity to spend time with Holly, I come away feeling smarter and more connected to the issues we discuss. I was honored when she took the time to answer my survey.

Tell me about yourself?

I’m a native of Colorado. Today, I’m raising my own family in our state, with my wonderful husband Mark and three beautiful daughters Jordan, Amaris, and Sabriya. I received a Bachelor’s in Justice Studies with Minors’ in Sociology and Family Studies. I also attended the University of Colorado where I studied Politics and Public Policy. I’ve been honored to serve in multiple roles in our community over the course of my career:

What made you decide to run for office?

I am running for Colorado Senate District 4, first and foremost because I love Colorado! I am a Colorado native and I am dedicated to giving back to the state that has done so much for my family and me.

You know, I am truly tired of the career politicians that occupy our house and senate here in Colorado, maintaining party line political rhetoric, refusing to move from their party norm to do what is right for our state. As an educator, public service employee, and organizer, as well as mother and active member within the Douglas County community, I feel I have a pulse for what our community wants and needs. I may run with a party name and backing, however I am not a puppet of or for that party. My bi-partisan approach will allow me to look at all issues from the perspective of a Coloradan that is looking to improve my community and the state as a whole, by supporting small businesses, improving the educational systems and reform movement, in addition to creating jobs that put Coloradans back to work in Colorado!

While Colorado is doing well in some ways...we can certainly do better! Our current Senator is too busy playing partisan games to represent the people of our community. We deserve better! We need a new leader in the Colorado Senate, one who will bring the voice of Douglas County to the Capitol. A leader who knows how to put party politics aside, focus on people and principles and work together to find cost efficient, sensible solutions to Colorado challenges.

As a Colorado educator and civic-engaged leader in our community, I know that Colorado communities cannot stay strong if we don't rebuild our economy and expand our job opportunities. Additionally, our children cannot be successful and competitive in a global economy without access to world-class education.

As your Senator I will listen to your concerns and make sure your voice is heard at the Capitol. I will put party politics aside and work with all Coloradans, Republicans and Democrats alike to implement new ideas to make Douglas County a better place to live, work, play, and raise our families.

What separates you from your opponent? Issues, votes you would have cast differently, any differences you want to highlight?

I am not a career politician with aspirations for greater political heights. My goal is for a better Colorado. A state that can boast a top k-12 educational system, and post secondary options that is affordable for our graduates and those looking to return to school. Additionally, Colorado is a great state that can and should attract top businesses and companies, as well as be a frontrunner in developing solutions to reduce our countries dependency on foreign resources.

My opponent does not have the pulse of our community. He simply has a letter by his name that garners a majority vote in Douglas County and thus allows him to cast votes that support both the national and state party line, not ALL of his constituents. Four years ago my opponent was elected to his seat and in those four years I have not seen nor heard of opportunities within our community to share ideas, thoughts and concerns, through town halls, or community meetings, or any other means for that matter. He has not been a representative of our community, but rather a representative of the party line. Don’t get me wrong, some of the party line votes made by my opponent, could have been the same votes I would have casted, because that is the type of Senator I will be. This may not be popular with my party, but I will represent what is best for ALL of us: Republican, Democrat, or other …not the party preference.

What is the most important issue to your district, which includes most of Douglas County?

Education, Education, Education! As I have been knocking doors several issues have been brought to my attention to include foreclosures, jobs, fracking and drilling, and most sadly drug induced teen deaths. However, education rises to the top. In my district, folks with children are concerned about the quality and quantity of education their children are receiving; and folks without children are concerned about their home values and the community as a whole. They understand the value of a world-class education system in a global marketplace.

The current struggle is confrontational, and so far has not resulted in good outcomes for the majority to include Douglas County students, parents, and teachers. Our community needs leaders who will put PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS. Leaders who will bring people together to focus on outcomes that make sense, rather than just party ideology. And no place else in Douglas County is that need more clear than in our public schools.

Something you don’t know about Holly

I am also a Daughter of the American Revolution with deep roots in the Republican Party to include very distant cousins whom you may have heard of, Teddy Roosevelt and the Bush’s…I am also related to Georgia O’Keefe and Louis Pasteur.

To learn more about Holly, visit her website at


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