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Holly Bobo murder suspect has violent history

Holly Bobo
Holly Bobo

Zachary Adams, the man who has been charged with kidnapping and murdering Holly Bobo, has a past history of violence, with his own family members being terrified of the man. In 2004, he shot his mother at point blank range in the knee with a 9mm Glock, and threatened to shoot his grandparents the following year. When filing a protection order against Adams, his mother said, "We are in fear of our lives. He is a danger to us and the community and our relatives." This one is clearly a bad egg, if even his own mother would say these things about him. It also seems he has a history of theft, as well as drug use.

Authorities have been tight lipped about the charges, not releasing any information to the public that may damage their case. At this time, it's not even certain to the public as to whether or not Holly's remains have been located. This makes sense, as thousands of hours have been put in to the investigation of Bobo's disappearance on April 13, 2011. It is believed that she was getting in her car to leave for nursing school when she was accosted, a small puddle of blood left in the driveway. Holly's brother, Clint, who has been the focus of much scrutiny over his actions, claims that he had seen a man in camouflage, leading his sister toward a wooded area at the back of the family's property. However, it seems there have been a few versions of how this happened, which is the reason for the suspicion cast his way.

Holly Bobo's disappearance has gripped the media since she vanished. She had a striking kind of beauty that helped spread her story across the country. What a shame that she was snuffed out by such a loathsome and disgusting individual. Hopefully her family can begin to have some closure.