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'Holler If Ya Hear Me' or call if you have five million to save me

Broadway Global media is all a buzz, with lead producer Eric L. Gold said to be searching for five million to keep the rap musical Holler If Ya Hear Me on Broadway. Can hip, hop its way through Broadway with this mega talented cast of 22 and band of nine? Holler If Ya Hear Me has a livin' in the hood storyline, but who can afford Broadway hood prices? Broadway Global shares quotes from a few of Broadway's biggest stars, opinions that we trust on this heartbreaking musical that must be seen!

Will $39.00 tickets save the relevant Broadway rap musical?
Holler If Ya Hear Me

The music and lyrics of Tupac Shakur may inspire a new musical theatre audience, if they can get them in the door. Even award winning talents like Tonya Pinkins, Saycon Sengbloh.. may sell tickets, but not even Theatre Chat would pay for a full price ticket to share this journey. "They should have offered rush tickets to create word of mouth in the beginning, taken the show on tour across the country with lower cost first, just to get the message out about this powerful rap musical. Then maybe theatres goers would be willing to pay full price on Broadway to see this current day middle America musical." Theatre Chat.

If Tony Award winning After Midnight can't sustain support from Broadway musical theatre audiences by offering iconic music, heart pounding choreography, stars like Fantasia, Vanessa Williams and Patti LaBelle what makes Holler If Ya Hear Me producers think rap lovers will come out to see this art form, live stage art that rap lovers haven't even been introduced to? Will $39.00 tickets now being offered, be to late to save a musical that could change the course of Broadway? We hope some light shed by fellow Broadway talents below, will get you through the theatre door to see Holler If You Hear Me. For more information visit

"With a Facebook Tupac fan page of 2,377,248 likes, there is an audience for his music, but you could scroll for days without a mention of this musical. Producer Eric L. Gold understands public relations and marketing very well, so Eric will need to use some of his magical skills to capture Tupac rap audiences, those who should come out to see this life changing musical. A large majority of our society can relate to Holler If Ya Hear Me, they just haven't been introduced to Broadway." Broadway Global.

There are very few Broadway talents that we trust to share their opinions, but when they say the cast embodies the poetic message of Tupac's music then we must quote them. A Broadway Global favorite with perfect pitch Shaleah Adkinsson (Rent, Hair) says this about the musical. "Holler If Ya Hear Me is a show you must see period. It's raw, real and has a story that isn't typically embraced on the Broadway stage. It's not to be missed, run to the box office now." Shaleah Adkinsson (Rent, Hair). Opera singer and star of Motown N'kenge "There is a lot of talent on that stage and the characters are played with soul and honesty."

Another Broadway talent that we trust, with vocal range off the charts is Darius Harper (Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon), "I have heard many actors elude to the fact that would not see "Holla If You Hear Me" because there is no role in it for them. With that I had to take a minute to think of all of the shows I would have missed out on if I didn't see them, simply because there was no role for me in that specific show. As actors, I think its important to broaden your horizons and find new ways to be inspired in today's theatre. There really is beauty in everything, sometimes you just have to look a little harder. The outpouring on heart and soul that is happening at the The Palace Theatre every night is so impressive to me. It's not easy to create new works, lest we forget this "jukebox musical" era NYC has seen for the past few Broadway seasons. I applaud the entire Holler family, this is a show not to miss, its history!" Darius Harper (Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon).

The Palace Theatre has compressed the audience size to a more intimate setting. The Palace Theatre is located at 1564 Broadway New York, New York 10036. "The world inside Tupac Shakur's music and lyrics blazes to life in a non-biographical story about friendship, family, revenge, change and hope. Inner city lives struggle for peace against the daily challenges they face in this entertaining original musical. Through the poetry of one of the 20th century's most influential and culturally prominent voices, we are given a window into realities of the streets still relevant today." Please note "Holler If Ya Hear Me" begins promptly at the time stated on your tickets. There is no late seating. For tickets visit

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