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Hollander's Kitchen and Home kicks off fall cooking classes


After nearly 20 years in the book business, Tom and Cindy Hollander decided to embark on a new adventure: a kitchen store located directly above their paper store in the Kerrytown shopping center.

Tom Hollander said with their retail experience, the kitchen already in space and with people asking about a kitchen store, it “felt like a good fit.” Thus, Hollander’s Kitchen & Home was born.
They also knew they wanted to have kitchen classes and with a price tag of no more than $20, it’s a pretty good deal to learn some new techniques, taste some samples and take some recipes to try at home. (Check out a recent review of a New York style pizza making class by clicking here.)
The Hollanders say opening a kitchen store is a good idea in this economy because more people are staying home more and learning to cook. They added they wanted to keep the classes affordable and create a buzz in the Ann Arbor foodie community. So far, so good on the business side, they say.
At first opening a kitchen store was just an idea they entertained after some conversations with management and now they are teaching people to cook and entertain at home. Upcoming classes will please any palate and taste from Italian (carbonara and pappardelle) and French (beef bourguignon) to Indian cuisine and Chinese dumplings, just to name a few.
There are also many of Ann Arbor’s best-known chefs leading these classes, including Eve Aronoff of eve the restaurant, Marge Biancke and Isaiah Campbell.
Aside from the cooking classes, the store is well stocked with anything a foodie or home cook would need or want. The price range varies widely. There are more affordable gadgets and items and then there are high-end professional quality machines.
For more information on Hollanders, go to their Web site or e-mail
Hollander’s Kitchen & Home
410 N. Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734-741-7531