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Holistically Resurrecting Yourself: And the dead shall rise and walk the earth... Theologians Beware


Return of The Living Dead Poster

The Living Dead In Memphis anti-smoking, freedom of choice and protection campaign spoof with Rob Connor was started to invoke readers to contribute their thoughts and hopefully become part of the spoof itself. It's intended to be fun and educational.

One thought that developed from the spoof was an understanding that “living dead” is an actual plague in Memphis made up of more than just smokers.

No matter what the causes may be, many of you may not be getting the results you once did from your efforts for health improvements. You’ve tried all the latest diet and exercise fads – nothing seems to work.
There’s a simple explanation – You’re living dead.
“-only those who experience it can understand it.”
-          Albert Einstein
The word “Dead” has many descriptions, which can only be experienced while living. Of this list several can be used literally to create a sense of “Living Dead”.
·         Inanimate – never having been alive and having none of the characteristics of life
·         Without physical sensation – having lost normal sensitivity to touch or pain, e.g. from the effects of cold, disease, or anesthesia
·         Insensitive – unable or unwilling to respond, understand, or appreciate something
·         Lacking any signs of life – showing little indication of feeling or vitality
·         Lacking activity or interest – without human activity or anything interesting or entertaining
·         No longer current - no longer in use or no longer relevant, appropriate, or important
·         Broken down – no longer able to operate because of fault, breakdown, or loss of power
·         Not burning – no longer burning or unable to burn
·         Exhausted - very tired or completely without energy
·         Doomed – destined to face a very unpleasant fate
·         With no return – producing or yielding no return
·         Out of play – used to describe something that has crossed the boundary of accepted activity
And the end result:
·         No longer alive – having passed from the living state to being no longer alive
The term “living dead” is used figuratively to describe a part of you that’s become numb, insensitive, insufficient and unable to promote energy for sustained health.
How do you become part of the Living Dead?
By choice - the daily neglectful decisions that make you insensitive become your lifestyle, slowly exhausting you, putting you out of play, unable to burn stress and energy, breaking down sustainable vitals, causing a lack of activities or interests, which will make you no longer current, without physical sensations, making you a doomed, inanimate object lacking signs of life for which there’s no return. Once this cycle completes you are no longer alive.
There are many ways to become “living dead.” They all boil down to poor choices that create stress.
To holistically resurrect yourself is a decision only you can make.
Here’s some basic information to get you started.
In order to get results from your efforts you need to vitalize these vitals:
·         Central Nervous System
·         Cardiovascular  System
·         Digestive System
All the answers you need to restore your life are inside you.  Stop looking at yourself from the outside in and start thinking of yourself from the inside out. You are a living being – not an inanimate object. Life’s pleasures run deeper than what you see – they reside in what you feel.  
Re-discovering yourself will take paying attention to how you feel every day.
If it isn’t easy… it isn’t right is a great philosophy to slowly and carefully create the lifestyle changes for a successful resurrection.These easy No Matter Whats will be instrumental. They cost nothing more than time and practice and are very effective in developing the vital systems - if done regularly.
As you begin to resurrect in the next few weeks, let’s explore Memphis and the Mid-South together and discover the tools, people and personal care facilities needed for a holistic life within the communities.
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As someone who has been “living dead” and is continually resurrecting myself – I hope to be of assistance by sharing insights to make building and / or rediscovering a healthy life in Memphis and the Mid-South more effective, enduring and exciting!  
I could use your help.
If you know of, own or work at a health and wellness center, or have a personal success story you’d like to share, please email me at:  
Be sure to check out and inject yourself in Rob Connor’s Resistance Log Spoof – The Living Dead In Memphis - only at Memphis’s!
 Be crazy occasionally… it’s fun!

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and share any thoughts and comments you have with J! 

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***It is recommended that you seek the advice of your Medical Practitioner before beginning any exercise or diet program.

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