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Holistic therapies for beauty enhancement and anti-aging

We make sure to have the best Stylists and Estheticians for our spa treatments and beauty needs. Make-up experts and Estheticians know how to create amazing transformations for special events. The best hair and skin care products, even anti-aging procedures, such as surgeries and Botox, can help too, but how long does it last? Many celebrities are learning that holistic therapies and treatments give long lasting results. Usher gets his colonics for energy and to help keep that six pack. Dr. Oz always shares holistic secrets for health and beauty. Actress Suzanne Somers has written a few books on eating properly combined meals and is a strong believer in hormone balance for anti-aging, along with supplementing the body. Kourtney Kardashian shared on Twitter that she loves oil enemas after visiting a spa with her sister Kim. The web shares posts of celebrities who use acupuncture, cupping, and other alternative treatments to keep that "Hollywood" look. According to the National Institutes of Health alternative medical treatments such as massage, acupuncture and herbs are embraced by 38% of Americans.

Dr. Oz always has everyone talking about the latest holistic beauty treatment.
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Coco Austin (L) and Bethenny Get Fanny Facials.
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Colon Hydrotherapy is popular among many celebrities
Paris Hilton is known to receive colonics, along with Usher, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Anniston and Matt Damon. So their healthy glow many be a little more than just expensive facials at the spa. Colon hydrotherapy flushes the extra waste, gas, toxins and parasites out of the system. This ancient procedure has many benefits that actors, actresses and professional athletes are learning the benefits of. You may have heard negative feedback on this procedure, but the important thing would be to find a qualified Colon Therapist with good hygiene in sterilizing their equipment. Follow your therapist's recommendations on diet and water intake before and after the treatment and you will be pleased with the results.

Herbal Colon Cleanses for healthy skin and total system rejuvenation
The face can reveal many things about our health from the break-outs on certain areas of the face. Bags and dark circles can be a signal for kidney problems. Breakout around the jaws and chin is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Even excess hair growth with women on the chin shows hormonal imbalance. Natural supplements and progesterone creams can help women from child bearing years, on into the menopause stage. You can control hot flashes, weight gain and mood swings, plus enhance aging skin with detoxing and herbs. After you analysis the face, holistic treatments can be done to help clear up these issues. The liver helps the body manage hormones, so a good herbal liver cleanse will be helpful. A full colon cleanse and basic system cleanse to cleanses the colon, liver, the blood and down to the cellular level improves skin and hair. Detoxing evens helps with whiter and brighter eyes plus many health benefits. We know yellow eyes are linked to liver issues. With an herbal cleanse that includes fiber and other supplements to help rid the toxins, waste and parasites in the colon, people will see scalp issues clear up, skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne go away, plus many other health advantages. The colon is the sewer system of the body. A Natural Health Practitioner or Herbalist in your area can recommend the best program for your needs. Make sure you get top quality natural supplements from a reputable company.

ZYTO Compass Scan for personalized program
Herbalists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Naturopaths and even specialists in hair loss use the ZYTO Compass scan to help people learn a personalized health program using herbal supplements, colon cleanses, and even aromatherapy with essential oils. One Trichologist in New Jersey uses the scan to help her clients who are dealing with alopecia, hair loss and other scalp challenges. This scan doesn't diagnose conditions, but it reads the body through biofeedback. It tells you how many points your are out-of-range and which supplements you need to get back in range. It is simple, fast and you leave your practitioner with a list of recommended supplements to follow and share with your doctor if you choose. This technology is a tool that is very accurate in pinpointing the client's needs. It is a system that guides the client as a preventive program also. You can begin to build, strengthen and detox the system before a health crisis hits. It has also been very helpful for people seeking natural programs to manage health issues they are facing.

WIth these holistic therapies you can not only look good and fight the aging process, but live healthier and feel great. Add Herbalists, Colon Hydrotherapists and other Holistic Practitioners for your beauty enhancement treatments. You will have long-lasting results that start on the inside of the body and improve quality of health.

Contact The Chicago Spa Treatment Examiner, Marguerite Wright, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Herbalist for resources on professional Colon Hydrotherapy in the Chicago area, the ZYTO Compass Scan and healthy herbal programs, along with therapeutic massage. Email her at: She is on Twitter and Instagram as @momsherbs and Facebook:

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