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Holistic health care services in Chicago that you need to know about

Meet the owner of Wellness Modalities

Here is an interview with owner and founder of Wellness Modalities; Mr. J. Edward Katz, a company that provides holistic home care services to the elderly and disabled.

Edward has been a successful businessman for over 30 years, his specialties being selective client services, operational startups, and family analysis. He has consulted for foreign governments and multinational financial institutions. Yet one of his greatest successes has been as a primary caregiver for his family, and recovering from disability and many life-threatening illnesses, with the proven practice of blending Eastern and Western medical treatments. His life-long passion is to bring this revolutionary approach to in-home care in Chicago, assisting both patient and the entire family for a more complete healing—all with a luxury sensibility.

- How long has this service been around?
Wellness Modalities
was established in Chicago early in 2012, although it truly began years ago in Minneapolis as a in-home care cooperative. It was an organic process of joining with the other board members and staff—all experts in the healthcare field who were having their own issues with illness and disability in the home. What started as personal caregiving and community service evolved into Wellness Modalities. Once we discovered how beneficial integrative medicine was to in-home care—almost like a fountain of youth—we felt we had to bring this health philosophy to the public at large. We were very surprised that no one in the Midwest offered this type of complete healthcare to assisted living, even if an increasing number of medical centers support it!
Our lifestyles were rebooted for the better, so we all agreed we could help renew the lifestyles of so many other families.

- Do you use independent contractors as far as your alternative therapists, such as the massage therapists, Acupuncture and Reiki?
Yes. For the finest possible care we select the best possible providers in their fields, on a as-need basis. We are a concierge company that tailors wellness to suit the personal needs of each of our patients.

- How are clients able to get this service?
Call us at 773-904-7344, email us at info@wellnessmodalities, or fill out a firm at Whether you’re a provider or looking to upgrade your in-home care, we’ll get back to you immediately. One of our board members served as an adviser to two U.S. Presidents, so we move as fast and as efficiently as possible!

- Do you except any type of medical insurance?
We accept private insurance and long term private insurance. We don't take Medicare or Medicaid, but neither cover long-term care anyway.

- How do you market your business besides social media?
We are active in the Chicago media and beyond, listed in many periodicals and national elder care websites such as Because of our work and service, we have been endorsed by such organizations as American Seniors, the Association of American Mature Seniors, and the National Kidney Foundation. We also are listed in various integrative/holistic magazines and websites.

Our greatest success, though, is simply sharing our ideas with caregivers and families across the city, in the intimate medium of conversation. Chicago is a great city to have a conversation about what matters in life.
It should be mentioned that we are a niche, boutique company—so we keep a specific amount of clients in order that they receive the most personalized service. But we love talking to you at conferences or on the streets!

- Is the service just for the elderly?
No at all. We contend that integrative medicine can be beneficial to everyone, including the disabled. It is a great complement to traditional medicine, and it can be adapted to any patient of any age (or condition).
What’s more, we provide integrative (holistic) treatments to the entire family, thereby lessening collateral damage caused by illness or disability in the family. A family that heals together heals better, that’s no secret. And renewal often happens when family members (and even caregivers) can all participate together in such alternative medical treatments as yoga, meditation, Pilates, or massage therapy, among many others we offer.
It’s important to say that healing is wonderful in our modern society, but it’s always better when the family lifestyle is restored or even improved through and beyond illness or disability. That means addressing the emotional and spiritual welfare of everyone in the family, and certainly the caregiver as well.
The word “holistic” comes from the Greek for “whole” or “complete.” That’s what Wellness Modalities recommends when it comes to in-home care and the health of the entire family.

- Do you service a certain area in Chicago?
Our services are available to the entire Chicagoland area. And we are certainly open on Sundays!

- Are you seeking therapists, doctors, nurses and other practitioners to expand?
Yes wellness Modalities is alway's looking for provider's who are experts in their field. In some cases we have more requests for position's than needed but please apply anyway.

Thank you Mr. J. Edward Katz for introducing this great service to the Chicagoland area.

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